Gas to drop in cook top?

Galaxie Girl

Jun 26, 2022
Hi all. We recently bought a 2012 Jayco model 1207 and just returned from our first trip with it. The cook top is a Suburban 2 burner drop in, model SDN2, I believe. It connects with a quick-connect since it can also mount on the exterior wall.

I tried to hook it up and use it and the first burner wouldn't light (used a lighter since there's no ignitor on the cook top). The second burner ignited after a few seconds but even on high it was a very small flame and went out after a few seconds. I tried to mount it outside only to discover that it looks like the previous owner didn't have the support bar in the camper so I couldn't mount it out there.

Is it possible that there was just air in the propane line, since it's got the quick-connect system? Is it normal for these to take a bit of time for propane to adequately supply the burners continuously? We definitely had sufficient propane since the furnace worked fine the following 2 nights. What all should we check? Thanks!