Generator for Popup question and awning too

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    Dec 20, 2010
    So i have a Jayco 1207 popup. We have camped for a few years in it and then the wife wanted to try an RV. I resisted but we ended up with an older class C. well after a season my wife wanted the pop up back. We all missed it and like it more. One think we liked though was the generator.

    So my thought it to put a small hitch basket on the back of the popup and then have a generator on it. I recently was offered an Onan 5500 watt generator on trade for work. I know that is plenty of power, but has anyone wired something like this up? Is it loud? Worth the weight for boon docking? any suggestions?

    May just be worth buying a honda or yamaha one.

    Also, I need a new awning any suggestions on a new one?

  2. Unstable_Tripod

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    First, putting something that heavy on the back end of the trailer will disturb the balance. You could end up with a serious sway problem. Second, that sounds like it would be a very loud generator -- something most camping neighbors would not like. Finally, even if you're boondocking and no one else is around, you still have to meet the requirements for a spark arrester that are imposed on most federal and state lands. Frankly, I'd recommend getting a smaller, lighter, quieter Honda or Yamaha.
  3. Dale Boudreaux

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    Dec 25, 2011
    The genny is more than enough. I would suggest running it for a while one day while you are working and will be around to notice if it bothers you are not. If you are boondocking you shouldn't bother anyone. So you will be the judge of noise tolerance. Those red and blue gennys are expensive.

    As far as awning. I do not know of any specific place. google it... good luck.
  4. ridenred333

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    Apr 23, 2013
    too much weight unless yo have a truck bed to put it in . Now you may be able to sell it and make more from it then what you would have been paid for the work or not. You will have to decide that yourself. They are pretty loud. I have two Honda E2000 that i use. I can run everything off of one except the A/C. I can use the fan from A/C just not the A/C part of it. I also have a parallel kit where I can series the two together for 4k. Works great and if I put them about 30 yards behind the trailer you can't even here them just a light hmmm..
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    Aug 14, 2008
    The weight of a typical Onan 5500 watt generator is 279 pounds with a noise rating of 67 dB.

    IMO, that is exceedingly too much weight to put on the rear bumper where the most dynamic load and vibration forces will be found.

    That weight alone can be 50-75% of the entire cargo carrying capacity of many PUPs.

    I would definitely consider a portable, inverter-based generator.

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