Generator Noise


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Apr 24, 2017
Maplewood, MN
Do you have a close up? Do the mats interlock to hold it together?

Is this them?

I would love to use solar but anyone who suggests so has never been in the South.

The tenter next to me gave me a concert of country music for an hour and kept staring at me.
Sorry, no closeups and your link is correct for the mats I use. I do not link the mats together because I'm lazy.;)

I accidently found out that the mats deflect generator noise. One day I leaned the mats up against the genny because they were wet from using them in our shower tent. That is when I noticed the noise reduction. Since then, I always lean them against the genny for noise reduction.

I have NEVER had a complaint about my genny, but I have had many ask me about it because they like the idea of portable power. I also rarely camp in campgrounds.

I also have shared my genny with campers (strangers) that have needed a power supply to either pump up their air mattresses or recharge a phone or two. They have always been grateful.

I use a Powerhorse 2000W Inverter genny I purchased from Northern Tool. It has similar decibel levels as a Honda. I need the genny to recharge batteries for the DW and my CPAP's. Solar does not work for me as would be only one cloudy day away from heathy sleep.[SNZ]

The way I see it, EVERYONE has a right to camp if they chose to. Without a running CPAP, that is VERY difficult for us. I've camped all of my life and sleep issues will not keep me from that if I have a way to combat it. Neither will the self-righteous that don't care to understand the need for some to run a genny. Everyone has their own camping style and this is mine.

As far as the singing camping cowboy, I certainly would not worry about it. I don't think they would fair well in a to dual with his guitar against a generator. He will run out of gas first.[LOL][CC][Guitar]


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Aug 18, 2019
Deep South
your link is correct for the mats I use. I do not link the mats together because I'm lazy.;)

Are the "A" walls made of floor mats and do you just lean them up against the roof panels. Can you tell I have an A frame?


Usually I offer during my generator hours to let camping neighbors charge small items if they don't piss me off first- pre-emptive strike <GG>


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Mar 8, 2017
Just because you don't HAVE to make it quieter during generator hours, I think it's very considerate of you to try do so.

So thank you!


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Jul 21, 2018
Goleta Ca
Had two complaints from tent campers this week about my Honda 2200 was too noisy. It was in eco mode. Has anyone come up with a way to make it quieter?

For the record it was 4 pm in a generator approved zone.

If it was during generator hours and zone, I would nicely I am almost done recharging and it will be off soon. By any chance were the 2 camping together?

The only had one issue with someone else's generator during the approved time due to the horrible fumes. I could have punched the designer of that Class A motorhome in the nose! It exhausted out mid-RV in front of the rear wheels and was burning oil. :p.

I do not understand why they do not have them exhausting out the roof away from everyone.


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Oct 10, 2018
S Ontario
It says the generator needs at least 3 ft of clearance on all sides for adequate cooling. That's a pretty big box.

Only in standing air ... use a fan (as I did) to draw air into the box, through the genset case, then out and genset temps regulate to the same average temperature as it would standing in free air. I've personally confirmed this myself with a thermometer, just don't have any pics as I never bothered to take any.


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Mar 23, 2016
King George, Virginia
I can sit my Honda 2KW Generator in my truck bed that has folding bed covers on top of it... I will put a stick on the front end of the folding bed cover to allow the generator fumes to exit... Then I close up the tail gate... Pretty quiet for me...


Of course I have to do a lot of emptying out the truck bed haha first...

I very seldom run into noise complaints when running my generator when in a generator allowed camp site...

Roy Ken


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May 28, 2018
I very seldom run into noise complaints when running my generator when in a generator allowed camp site...

Honestly, I suspect unless you run a construction generator, you won't have complaints in a generator allowed site. Most people realize that a generator is part of the expected background noise at such places.


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Feb 25, 2020
Western NY
I would have told them it's allowed in this area at this time, and I'd be happy to move it to the other side of the camper.

While I do have solar, furnaces, fall weather, and solar aren't a great mix. So genny it is to top off the battery.


May 26, 2015
... I noticed a tendency for people to be grouchier this year.

We are new campers this year (long story short, international travel plans got squashed), so we redirected the funds into first time camping.

While we have tried to be "good neighbors" during our trips (and we haven't seen it ourselves), it seems like some more seasoned campers have an impression of new campers this year (called "covid campers" on some boards) that isn't very favorable. Wonder if the complainer just had a preconceived notion of who you were and didn't like it?


May 26, 2015
And by no means am I saying that only seasoned campers can be grouchy!

Maybe the complainer was a newbie and didn't like the fact he had to go camping instead of dangling his feet off a yacht in the Med off the coast of Greece! LOL!!


Jun 10, 2015
There are better batteries for cpap (going on a limb here and assuming that's the medical device). We bought a dedicated lithium battery pack for the mrs cpap when we were planning a long trip with lots of boon docking. Her cpap runs five nights before needing a charge. The 24v lithium battery can be charged by 120v charger or by 12v charger in the truck while we're driving. The point is... if this medical device needing a charge is the main reason for running the generator, there are better options than just charging the 130 ah camper battery with a generator.
As others have said, you're within your rights to charge during certain hours per camp rules but you could be a better camping neighbor by looking for quieter options.


Jul 20, 2019
simple.. get a bluetooth speaker and play music slightly louder than the genny. Shouldnt be too hard as the 2200 is about as close to silent as a genny can get.