Geocaching in Jamaica


5 Star Eagle Camper
Aug 5, 2010
Near Elmira, Southern Ontario
Spent a week in Jamaica on the west coast. I just got back 3 days ago. I tried to do some caching while there. There are very few few caches between Montego Bay and the west tip, (Rick's Cafe area). I missed out on a few at Montego Bay airport area because of time restrictions between flights and bus pick ups to and from the resort, so thats a fail on my part. There is however, one that is close to the west tip called 'The Jamaican Cowgirl'. Check this one out and load it in the GPS before you go. It is in/at a small restaurant/bakery called Jenny's Cafe. The cafe is in a crowed strip along the road running along the coast. I guess that Jenny's bakes and sells the brownies and the special spice cakes that Justin Trudeau wants to make legal. I didn't buy any of those because I'm not into that kind of thing, however, owner Dawn, (the Jamaican Cowgirl herself) is a very nice lady that I had a nice chat with.

So back to the Cache. The co-ords are off a little bit. Originally, the cache was inside the building to keep it safe from muggles, but a cacher showed up at one time to get it, and the place was closed. He sent a note to to complain that it was inside, and the cache has since been moved outside. As you know, caches are not allowed to be hidden inside a building for just that reason. The co-ords have not been changed on the site. In hind sight, I should've gotten the current co-ords so they could be changed. I never thought of it until we were well away from the cache in our taxi (yes, geo-caching by taxi, what a thing). Dawn will help you with where it is hidden if you have a problem finding it. International caching, I love it!! I dropped of a few TB's and picked one up, go get them.

(the cache container, - 2 peanut butter jars - is in tough shape and should replaced and get a new log. Take some along to fix it up)