George Washington Campground

Sep 12, 2016
We did our first campout in our "new" (to us!) '88 Skamper @ GW two weeks ago and really enjoyed our experience there. I chose site 12 as it was the last site at the end of the road assuming it would be quiet, which it was. The campground looked to be at least 75% occupied, so I'm not sure how our experience compares to summer time but all I can say is we really like GW and are going back this weekend (Columbus Day holiday). The sites are well maintained and the state crews come in soon after you leave to rake, clean out the fire pit and ensure it is ready for the next camper. Rangers do make the rounds at 10pm on your first night to give a friendly reminder about quiet time. Speaking of quiet, we found the campground to be quiet over all, I'm guessing due to the regular presence of ranger patrols. Bathroom facilities are porta johns which are cleaned and re-stocked every day. As of this posting (October 2016) Showers are under construction and running water to the faucets is often interrupted, so be sure to truck in your own if you are camping this weekend. As this is the last weekend that GW is open for 2016, I'm guessing everything will be set by next season. The price is a little high (about $24.50 per night) but given the cleanliness of the camp and toilets, its worth the $$ in my book. Happy camping everyone!


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May 29, 2016
Mt. Wachusett area, MA
Stayed there Thurs~Sat, 11~13 May 2017.
Showers are still not complete, despite the web-site claim. We weren't informed of that until check-in.
Porta-potties really are sparkling clean, the service operator even had a biscuit for our dog as he drove from one to another.
No water in our site (#20). It was available at a spigot a few sites away. We had no issues in filling a 5 gallon jug so I don't know if water service was sporadic or not.
It's on rte. 44 just east of the CT/RI line. We spent $49 for the two nights which includes a $9 reservation fee, so $20 per-night at this time of the season.
We are already considering another weekend there as we shake-down our "new" (to us!) '91 Starcraft.
Ours isn't as old as "Farmer's", so if there's a "George Washington slept here" sign left in a campsite, it probably belongs with his.

A word of note: The gypsy moth infestation, based on the number of just hatched caterpillars, looks like it is going to hit that RI and eastern CT area hard this year. We set-up and sprayed the camper exterior with insecticide when we got home so as to not seed a bumper crop of the leaf devouring bugs here next year. I remember how hard we got it here in MA in 1981.