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    My '73 starcraft didn't come with any key, and i didn't worry about it as the door wasn't locked anyway - as someone mentioned, they could pop the roof and reach in if it was folded, or if set up, just undo the velcro....

    I think the purpose of the 'lock' is mostly so that the door latches aren't dependant on spring loaded latches to keep the doors closed while traveling, or to keep curious kids (or pets) from opening doors too easily. They are cetainly not going to thwart a determined burgler!

    I did find, with this old camper, that bouncing down the road would cause the door to pop open sometimes (good thing nothing came flying out!) which is why our first few trips sported very fashionable (and secure!) Duct tape on the door....

    However it was an easy thing to go to the store and get a new lock. I put a hasp lock on my door, which can either be turned or actually locked with a key, and it came with two keys. But you can also get a simple lock core and replace just that in most existing camper doorknobs - again, with new keys.

    as for the roof and storage security - when I bought new roof latches (on e-bay)to replace the rusted ones on my PUP - they came with ONE that had a loop for a padlock to be passed thru it - meaning that no one would be able to lift the roof if it had a padlock on it. I don't know if this was a mistake, if you should have all 4 locked, or if the 'set' was 3 regular latches and one locking latch. Either way - it would prevent someone from lifting the roof to get into the camper while it was in storage, if they didn't have a door key.

    I don't have to worry about that - as a friend stores my camper in her garage for me.

    Personally, I tend to trust most other campers to leave my stuff alone, as I leave theirs ..... But I also believe in not leaving obvious temptations in a stranger's path, either. I never lock the camper at a campground and all valubles go with us or are kept in the car.

    1973 Starcraft starmaster 6 - a work in progress -

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