Glad I did it at home

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    Aug 19, 2006
    Decided to finish up the spring maintenance by running a test to make sure the jack for for my Ranger(an after market rolling floor jack kit) will work to change a flat tire on the PUP. Let the air out and used all my stab pads to jack the PUP up. That part of the test went well. The fun came when I attempted to remove the spare from the carrier The tire mounting carriage bolts were spinning because the speed nut clips were not tight holding the bolt heads in the square hole. Would have been a real problem if on the road. Fixed it with longer bolts and double nuts. Cleaning and repacking the wheel bearings went very well with no problem except it started raining cats and dogs before I was done. Repair of Mod?
    Lets go camping. Webster Park here we come.

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    Yep, it is a good thing you checked it at home!

    When we bought our Coleman I decided to try removing the spare at home. It was installed in a large tray under the back, and with a flat tire it wouldn't drop down enough to pull out a fully inflated spare! For some reason, they only used the design for a year or two...

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