Good/ best App(s) for finding "Free Dispersed Camping" (in Nor. Calif.)


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Aug 30, 2019
SF Bay Area, CA
I have been Googling to find 'Free Dispersed Camping' locations in Northern California, (1st choice +/- 3hours from the SF Bay Area). I just keep hearing and reading that yeah, most any BLM land or Nat'l Forest area that is not included in an organized camp or park area. I don't plan to drive off with my trailer scouting down a gazillion roads hoping to find a place.

Today I ran across this paid App
The Dyrt Camping App: Tent & RV Campsites Finder
One week free trial, then $39/ year. If it helps me find good Dispersed Camping in Central Cal. then paying the equivalent of one night at a local county park, seems no problem.

Has anyone used this or any other App, or other resource to find SPECIFIC dispersed camp areas in California (or elsewhere)? I had my hopes up earlier today when I saw Tahoe Nat'l forest had an actual link under the category of dispersed camping! It said Baltimore Lake. But when I looked on Google Maps this lake seemed to be close to a mile away from where the road ended. A review said: "Brilliant small lake at 7,200' in The Tahoe Natural Forest, around 2.5 - 3 mile hike from The west end of Meadow Lake.

Obviously, we're looking for Dispersed Camping... that we can drive our tent trailer to! ;o)


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May 23, 2018
South Carolina
I do a quick scan of campgrounds and see if it is one to pursue. Very little dispersed camping here and wife is not in to dispersed camping, either.
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