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    Hey All -

    We live near Raleigh, NC, but bought our '05 Niagara from Tom Johnson near Charlotte. Getting it serviced is a hassle as the local dealer, Hawleys will only service what they sell or for Route 66 customers. Also, Tom Johnson CLOSED their service facility near Charlotte meaning an even further drive to Marion.

    Someone on this board suggested Mario's RV in Raleigh (THANKS!). I called & made an appointment, they faxed me a repair estimate, then had the work done a day early. I called with a question after I picked up the camper & they called back & answered my question. Can't tell you how relieved & pleased I am to recommend them.

    Mario's RV Repair
    Raleigh (near Garner), NC

    He used to work for Hawley's & he services all types of RVs and will even travel to make repairs. The only thing he won't service is a lift system on a camper other than Fleetwood/Coleman - doesn't have enough experience with them.

    Don't mean to sound like an advertisement, but I also know how hard it is to find good service & thought I would pass along!


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