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    We have a black spot on the inside of our pop-up that appears to be grease based. We've tried Dawn, bleach, and some other soaps and nothing is getting it off. Any suggestions on another cleaner to try? Also, when we were camping this weekend my wife reached up to knock some of the leaves off the vinyl above our bed and when she did that, water drops fell on me. Is there something I need to spray on the vinyl to keep water from soaking through the vinyl? We have plans to clean and waterproof the canvas this week, so I'd like to take care of the vinyl at the same time if possible.
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    The water probably did not soak through the vinyl. Condensation can be an issue in campers, especially in cool and/or humid conditions. Between relative humidity, any cooking, and what we humans emit, you'd be surprised how much condensation can collect. In our first tiny pup, it was a really issue in the bunk end, where the vinyl roof wasn't all that far above our heads. Maintaining air flow is key.
    That said, sealing seams, and treating the vinyl and fabric with the appropriate product is important at intervals, particularly after cleaning. Do you know what is recommended for the fabrics your pup has?
    A good section to read is this one:
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    check out the for great articles on cleaning & waterproofing
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