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Jul 12, 2006
how the heck do you use these i got a etrex legend from the kids for fathers day and that should tell you something is there a place you can go to learn how to use these i figured out a couple things like how to get back to car with car alarm cause i couldnt figure out the gps . im really not dumb just not tech savy..

I went fishig one day and came home with a popup.......

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Apr 17, 2005
Here are a few sites to try:

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Jun 5, 2005
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We've had the Legend for a few years now. Most useful is backtracking. When we canoe (think hiking) we often end up in a bunch of Mangrove islands, all looking the same. As good as I am with the male 'mapping' I can't quite recall all the turns and twists. (There is no gas station to stop at and ask for directions either.) So we turn the tracking on when we launch the canoe, and, if necessary, backtrack our own path.
We also use the mapping capability to help us find our campgrounds in strange and far-away places. We load in the appropriate maps to cover the way to the campsite, then use the road tracking to help identify turns, back roads, etc.
More than anything, though, is always taking the unit with us, and tracking the traveling. We have a record of hikes, bike rides, and long drives. These go into our electronic scrapbook.

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