Grant Village CC Yellowstone


Feb 25, 2015
I have a 40' pull through reserved for July. Anybody stayed here? Got any tips or recommendations?

Additionally we are driving up from Denver. Will probably hit the KOA in Rock Springs going up but would be interested in something different coming back. Anybody go that route?


Jan 23, 2015
Bozeman, MT
We've got a family reunion planned for a week in July but we're opting to stay at a USFS camp outside the park. Probably spend two or three days touring in Yellowstone as well as hiking and biking outside the park.

Grant Village will be a great jumping-off point since it sits right on the Grand Loop if you're going to be doing car touring. I've not been into the actual campground but in passing in looks nice, and the location on the lake should prove relaxing.

Nice thing about your starting and ending point in Denver is you can come in from the South through the Tetons and then exit through Cody (or vice versa) to get different scenery going and coming back.


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May 14, 2014
We headed up that way from Denver two Summers ago. Left a little after noon and made it to the KOA in Rawlins, then onto Rock Springs and North on 191 to Jackson and the Tetons. Don't miss the Tetons!! Unless you have some extra time, there really aren't many alternative routes. You could head South from Rock Springs through the Flaming Gorge and Green River areas of Utah. On our return trip we went through Saratoga, WY to the Encampment River. I love the Encampment, and will always stop to fish a few hours there if I can't spend the night.

Can't help on Grant Village, all though we did drive through it. I'm not a fan of big, organized campgrounds so we camped outside the park and drove in for day trips. Found a beautiful campground NW of West Yellowstone, near the Madison River.


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Jul 18, 2012
We stayed there last year - leaving from Denver also. We stayed the first night at Gros Ventre campgrounds in Grand Teton National Park. The remaining week we were at Grant Village. It's a pretty central spot to most everything in Yellowstone. Some may prefer the "non-Xanterra" spots but we enjoyed the ability to make reservations as well as the showers.

Some "secret" spots include:
*Take the hike towards Fairy Falls and climb the hill to get an incredible view of the Grand Prismatic from above.
* Heading south from Madison, take the one-way road (Firehole Canyon Drive). There is a spot where you can take stairs down to the river and swim in the Firehole.


Feb 25, 2015
We have been to Yellowstone and Tetons before. That was all tent camping. I should have noted this is our first trip with a toddler.