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Discussion in 'Washington' started by SirLancelot, Sep 10, 2014.

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    My wife and I came back from a childless 2 night stay here last weekend in site #74. The campground is beautiful and from what we could see, was meticulously maintained. There are several paths to the beach, clean showers, etc. It was extremely quiet and peaceful and overall we were more than pleased.

    The only downside isn't with the campground, but is with the surrounding towns. Grays Harbor has never exactly been a modernized or upscale area. Aberdeen, Grayland, Westport, and other towns in the area you drive through are really depressing. Lots of low-income poverty visible in houses with nice houses scattered in between. There's nothing really to speak of for restaurants to visit that look CLEAN other than a couple of overpriced ones in Westport. Groceries are limited to Aberdeen, or a few dirty mom and pop joints along the highway. We were blessed with spectacular weather, but we couldn't help but think of how much more depressing it would be when it's raining and nasty.

    Grayland SP is a great destination, but if you're looking for a basecamp for exploring touristy stuff nearby like I thought it would be, you'll likely end up disappointed.
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    We just spent our first two days in new our Aliner at Grayland, spot 13. We've stayed at this park in a yurt, so we were excited to bring the Aliner. The campground is very clean and the staff are friendly and helpful. There are showers (you need the special coins that you buy at the front office) & if you want a shower, go to the bathhouses nearer the beach as they have nicer shower facilities. We like the big beach for long walks. It has a reputation as a great beach for clamming. The Mutineer restaurant not far from the campground is excellent -- the owners also have a gluten-free selection as one of them has celiac. It's a family-run place. Like much of Westport, the food isn't cheap but in this case, it is good. Westport is best known for its fleet of fishing boats which leave each morning full of tourists. There are regular pelagic birding trips from Westport as well.
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    Scouted the park yesterday for an upcoming trip. One thing about power - The State Parks site says 50amp only. When I popped the box at a site, it had 50,30,15 with their own breakers.

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