Greetings from Central Mississippi


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Mar 20, 2023
Hello, my family acquired a used 2007 Fleetwood Niagara popup camper two years ago. We are a large family with 8 kids still at home and can actually sleep all 10 of us in our camper. We pull our camper with a 15-passenger Ford E-350 that I've equipped with a trailer hitch and hookup. We've camped in Texas, Tennessee, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and our local Mississippi. We have definitely made our share of mistakes as we have been learning about pulling a trailer and camping with a popup. Sometimes it is a kind of love/hate relationship. But overall, we enjoy having the camper and hope that with time, more experience, and help from others who are more experienced, we can make the camping more enjoyable and the maintenance and repairs focused on more routine stuff.


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Feb 20, 2023
Central Utah
Welcome. I have a 2010 Niagara that I will be taking out for the first time this weekend. Cool thing is I couldn’t even spell Niagara until I got this trailer :D