Guns carried openly in VA State Parks now OK


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Mar 10, 2008
Highland Springs Va
I respect people who enjoy the right to have a gun but if your camping in a va state park there is park rangers. I dont see the need to carry a gun in the state park since you see the rangers all the time. Now in the national forests i can see it since it is much vast area and there is not enough rangers to cover the parks or national forests. That is my view but if you want to carry a gun thats your choice i dont carry or own a gun(yet). Never know what the future holds.


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Jun 26, 2011
at the moment, i don't own any handguns, but i have in the past, and probably will in the future. never carried mine concealed, never got the permit. my SIL and DD both have permits, she always has one in her purse, he always has one in his truck. He's former law enforcement, has had all the training and has finished training her (i've always had guns, and she used to hunt with me a lot, tears him up that she has an 8 pointer on the wall and he doesn't! LOL).

for now for self defense, i use the 'you run as fast as you can and i'll run as fast as i have to' method

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