Guys Only Camping Trips


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Feb 22, 2011
Last summer, we had a "Guys Only" camping trip and had a really good time.

Last year, we had me & my son, two of my BIL's, my nephews, and one of their friends. It was a great weekend with the guys. The adults were able to relax and enjoy the time together while the boys (all teens) were able to do their thing when they didn't want to hang with us "Old Farts". Fontainebleau is on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain, so there's the beach as well as the rest of the park's offerings. For lodging, the adults stayed in my PUP while the boys slept in tents. That's one of the reasons we did it early in the summer.

Since the dads were able to relax a lot, we had the opportunity to have some really good eatin' too: BBQ, Smoker, etc. with things that we were able to do while relaxing around the campsite.

So, this year, we've planned (and booked) another one. It's May 22-24 (school's out weekend) and back at Fontainebleau State Park (Mandeville, LA).

If any of you other fellers are in the area, feel free to join us informally.

If any of you will be out there with your girls, be warned. [}:)] [LOL] [}:)] [LOL]

I posted this in the General Discussion forum since it's not really a trip report.

To make it a true discussion:
  • Have any of you other guys done similar trips and what were your experiences?
  • What about you, ladies? Any Girls-only trips and your experiences too?


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Jun 7, 2012
Northeast Pennsylvania
For years some friends and I used to do a Daddy's and daughters trip every summer. We were all in tents at the time and most of our girls were under 10. We always had a blast, and the girls couldn't wait for it to come every year. Although after a week in a tent with twin 6 yr old girls, I was usually thankful to come home. Now that the girls are all older, we haven't kept up the tradition. I really do miss those trips though.


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Nov 1, 2007
Perry, MI
I've done several guys only trips, the usual proviso is no one under 18, period.
Some of the trips are real 'foodie heaven' but the ones off the grid (state forest land, not a campground) are usually grab what you can from the cooler and get on with the brown pop day.


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Jun 8, 2008
I have been involved with several. We call them Boy Scout outings. We have had a few moms juist us that last couple of years but before that it was all the male species.

My DW does a trip every year to Michigan for a week with 4 or 5 of her girlfriends and they have a blast. They opted for a cabing this coming summer due to the group outgrowing the camper capacity.


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Jan 26, 2011
North Carolina
Each year I take my two DS and one friend each as well as my dad camping at Myrtle Beach. All six of us have a great time. We spend all week fishing, riding bikes, and bonding.


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Mar 11, 2010
Western NC
My next Guys trip is in a month... 4 days kayak camping down the lumber far the list is 14 of us going.
we try to do 2-3 a year.


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Mar 19, 2015
Sounds like a good idea. Might have to plan a guys trip in the fall for my little guy and some other family members.


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Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
My mom and I were talking about a girls camping trip. However I'm probably I going to rent a cabin for my mom's sake. Just my mom, myself and my my niece for three nights in shandoaoh. Problem is trying to get everyone's schedule to work out. Last year it just didn't happen.


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Aug 10, 2014
I used to be a liveaboard in the marina across the street from Fountainbleu. Small world.


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Nov 26, 2013
Almost all of our trips are girls only, hence my screen name. We do just about every other weekend during the summer. Just me, sis and our daughters, sometimes friends come. We really enjoy going places and doing things with our daughters. Now, I do fit in at least one trip a year with my dh. His work schedule does not allow more frequent outings.


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Apr 15, 2007
North Carolina
Years ago, the members of the old SoutheasternPopUpcampers forum, had an annual winter outing for the men.....called it the FROSTED BALS outing.


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May 19, 2010
Lasalle Ontario
We have a guys weekend usually every fall that includes Dads , sons (over 18) nephews and a couple friends .
We camp in the fall in one of Provincial Parks , we tend to make some noise so we get a site as far from others as possible .
Love playing croquet on a sunny fall afternoon over several empty sites with a red cup in hand [8D]


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Feb 22, 2011
bburgcamper said:
I have been involved with several. We call them Boy Scout outings. We have had a few moms juist us that last couple of years but before that it was all the male species.

I was certain that someone would mention the scouts. I, too, was involved in the scouts "cub scout leader" as well as the Royal Ambassadors with our church. Both of these groups spent a significant number of camping trips. I thoroughly enjoyed both.


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Feb 22, 2011
bud121156 said:
Years ago, the members of the old SoutheasternPopUpcampers forum, had an annual winter outing for the men.....called it the FROSTED BALS outing.

Maybe this is something we all should consider reviving. It could be fun to get a bunch of PUPs together in the winter time for a guys trip/rally. I know my girls don't like camping in the cold too much.


Jul 31, 2013
Absolutely! Steelhead fishing trips, turkey hunting trips etc. Usually 4 -5 guys. They all love the Coleman E3 and the king sized beds. My popup is the go-to guy trip palace! Love it.


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Aug 13, 2012
Pittsburgh, Pa
I have taken a guys weekend for the past 10 years with my brother in laws and nefews. First weekend in may every year. For fishing st Sinamahoning state park. Two years ago i lost two brothers and a nefew to unplanned deaths. But we who are left still keep the tradition going! Leaving in 3 weeks! Once you get away from it , it may be lost. So we press on! This was the last time we were all together .


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Mar 29, 2010
Our flyfishing group has theme like outings. On april is the Dads and Kids outing, no moms allowed, only kids under 18 regardless of gender. If you did not have a kid under 18 you were welcome to bring the neighbors kids or one you found along the road! lol! The idea was to get kids involved in fishing and outdoors and give mom a weekend off.
We had 2 official mostly guys trips, one in spring and the other during the fall. We have never said guys only, and we have a few gals show up every know and then but they know what to expect. No one under 21 allowed unless with a parent and the parent knows that we will let it out just as if there are no kids there...
The family trip has degenerate into another guys group.

We have lots of fun, drink a bit, some will drink a bit too much and wake up outside their tents, inside their vehicle with the doors ducked taped shut, wake up with your tent ducked tape shut, half in/out the tent and we even had one that was duck taped at the ankles.... we use a lot of duck tape and I lock the door of my camper!!! lol!


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Aug 28, 2012
SW Montana
For the last few years, I've been attending a fun run that a local off-road club puts on. It's been happening around my birthday, so I use that as the perfect excuse to get out and ride. No kids, no ladies........just me and my bike. Last year, it morphed into a 3-day camp/ride fest with my dirtbiking/snowmobiling partner, and we intend to do it again this year. Sometimes its just nice to get away and do your own thing once in awhile.

My kids will be getting out of school a good 3-4 weeks sooner than my wife will be done. She doesn't want a full house when its time for her finals, so she's already asked me to take them on some trips. I basically only work every-other week, so this will give me a chance to hang with the kids while she finishes up the term. We have some great trips planned already!


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May 29, 2013
Mothers and fathers having some breathing room is great and I remember having some of the best times when my father and his fishing buddies got together for guys only trips. Some of the jokes that flew around the car on the way down to the fishing hole were hysterical.
It was on those trips that I think I was just shocked that my father was more then just a dad, but was "one of the guys" as well and that's something that sons need to see when they hit a certain age.
Now it's just myself and brothers/nephews and friends that head out a couple times a year out of many camping trips... I guess to us the guys only camping trip was a right of passage. Lol!