Had to cut the rivets - now what?

Sep 25, 2021
We will be putting our new Bear creek canvas on soon. When we took the old one off last fall we had to cut two rivets off at each bunk end. Please tell me what the best thing is to replace them when we put the new one on? Please be advised we are not overly 'handy' people :D

Eric Webber

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Jul 7, 2018
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
No problem. Amazon will get you a rivet tool for about $20. Dead simple and frankly handy to own.

I have a second one (maybe $50) that connects to my drill and makes it even easier, but the cheaper manual one is fine if you only need to do a few
You may need to fully drill out the old rivets if they are still partly there (drill bit into the hole in the middle of the rivet)


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Aug 14, 2008
Owning a PUP showed me the beauty of rivets. I now use them with reckless abandon.

Yes, finish punching/drilling out the old rivet bodies and buy a cheap rivet tool. I've had my cheapy rivet tool for 10 years and still going strong with modest use. Pay attention to steel vs. aluminum rivets (there are cases for both) and the sizes of rivets (shaft diameter and shaft length).