Had to do it - Camp Backyard by tent

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    While the camper fund continues to grow and prosper, DGF and I just can't get to a PUP this season. As it is, we have the itch to do SOMETHING. Coincidentally, K-Mart was having a tent sale recently. The first round of the sale locally had us purchasing THIS ONE for $79.99. It looked like it was meet our needs.
    Then another K-Mart sale circular found our mailbox and other models were set on sale.
    reviewing the specs for this line of gear now on sale, we decided to spend a few extra bucks and upgrade to OUR NEW TENT.

    The Mother Nature decided to park an unstable, high-humidity air mass over us to guarantee rain every afternoon, and boy did it rain.

    Fast forward to four weeks later. I actually had to dust off the new tent as we made plans for DGF's "grandchildren's" house.

    Friday's weather wasn't as oppressive as previously during the week, so we chanced an episode of Camp Backyard.
    open it up, 4 main poles and two auxiliary poles, a bunch of stakes into some very soft ground later, and UP IT WENT.
    Our Queen air mattress fit great, and we could stand up! The girls absolutely LOVED it. It was their first time "camping."
    We told their mom that it was 'OUR CAMPGROUND," not her yard for the weekend. She could hang out and enjoy it with us or do what-ever.

    Friday night had a bit of a breeze, and Saturday morning saw us up @ 9:45! Didn't think we were that tired (Adult beverages, maybe). We had a few arts and crafts activities with the girls after breakfast and then had to close up the tent for a while while DGF and I step back into the real world for a few hours to celebrate her mother and uncles' birthdays.

    Upon returning to camp, the girls mother had purchased two bags of firewood to get us through the night. We sat around for a few hours, told the girls of the fun that was in store for them when we took them on a real camping trip. They are revv'd up for it now.

    Sunday's weather was threatening, so camp had to be broken. A great experience in packing a new tent for the first time. But we got it. Car's packed, drive a few blocks, unpack. Not put away mind you, just unpack.

    We we were getting showered and dressed, the heavens opened up and and let loose like a waterfall. Timing is a GREAT thing.

    I'd have some pics, but we chose to leave our phones in the car. All in All, a great weekend, and we are glad that we upsized our tent. Hope to see you out there sometime this camping season
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    Wonderful!!! [A]
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    Any way you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors, is okay in my books. Enjoy your new tent.

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