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    Halibut CG is one of four CGs in the Anchor Point State Recreation Area. Located off the Old Sterling Hwy along the Anchor River, Halibut CG is the one closest to (on) the beach and boat launch. There are about eight RV sites suitable for PUPs, and there are several tent only sites that are not suitable for any RV (except maybe a slide-in on a truck). The sites are wooded and fairly private from the next. They are not very deep, but we were able to get the PUP and truck in our site fairly easily.

    The CG has no hookups, but water is available from a hand pumped well. There are two sets of vault privies. They were clean, but could have used a little more attention. They weren't gross, but just needed attending to. I think they use a contractor to run that site.

    Sites are $15/night. Each site had a fire ring and picnic table, which is really nice.

    The Halibut CG is RIGHT on the beach, and if you have 4WD or an ATV, you can drive for miles up and down the beach. Just watch for pinch points where the high tide might come up right to the bluffs. At low tide, it can really be deceiving how high the tide can come up, and how fast. They also tractor launch boats at the beach, which is fun to watch.

    There were hundreds of eagles on the beach and in the CG, but the eagles and ravens seem to be in a feud, so there was lots of chatter. Eagle chatter is easy to get used to though.

    The Anchor River is also an occasionally open King Salmon river. It was open this weekend, but I only saw one fish on all weekend.

    The other CGs in the Rec Area are a little more like gravel parking spaces, so Halibut is the most spacious. I liked it because we could let our dog off the leash on the beach and she could run all she wanted to make up for the time she spent in the PUP.


    Eagles and Gulls on the beach.


    Harbor seal.

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