Hartwick Pines SP in the fall

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    I'm late in posting this campground review, but better late than never.

    A few weeks ago, we took our final camping trip of the season and stayed at Hartwick Pines SP near Grayling. It was such a wonderful park! We had gorgeous weather to enjoy it too.

    -Clean bathhouse with ample hot water and nice-sized showers
    -Spacious sites with plenty of room in between and a good mix (some were more open, some were very wooded).
    -Great playground for the kids
    -Plenty of trails (some short; some long)
    -Lots of grassy sites
    -Potable water spigots frequently placed
    -Cement pads on all sites (this might be a con, depending on your preference). I've never seen a campground like this before, but it ended up being nice. We just parked close enough to the edge that the pups awning stakes could go in the ground.
    -Two small lakes that are well stocked for fishing (no swimming allowed).
    -Beautiful scenery in the fall
    -Informative loggers village/museum type area
    -Amazingly tall white pines (not in the campground, but in another section of the park) that are 200+ years old
    -The sky at night is clear, dark and full of stars! Not a lot of light pollution.

    -We've heard it can be really buggy (mosquitoes) in warm weather, and I believe it. The weather dipped into the 40's at night, and we still came across a few mosquitoes. They were quite annoying on a couple sections of trails. I can only imagine what it's like in the summer.
    -No firewood available at the park
    -The one, nearby convenience store sells crappy wet wood and doesn't offer much. You need to drive into Grayling for restaurants, groceries, etc. (This really wasn't a con for us, but might be for some people).

    It was a wonderful park and I highly recommend it for camping in the fall. The campground isn't huge, but was completely full the weekend we went, no doubt due to the great weather. We stayed in one of the sites backed up to the woods, but somewhat open. We wanted grass and sun since it was cooler weather. Honestly though, we didn't see a single bad site in the entire park. I can't say that for many campgrounds!

    View of part of the campground from our site on the perimeter (this was a section with fewer trees).

    One of the tall pines. The photo doesn't do it justice and was taken half-way up the tree.

    View along one of the trails.
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    Our favorite state park! Glad you enjoyed your visit.
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    Melviindale MI.
    Glad you had a great time If you love Michigan State Park come join I Love Michigan State Parks on Face Book.
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    Looks real nice! We have not been there, but plan to go sometime.
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    Love it there.

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