Harvest Host doesn't allow PopUps


A bad day camping beats a good day at the office
making assumptions that aren't necessarily true.

There are millionaires that live in 900sqft 1 1/2 story or shotgun shack homes too. Doesn't mean it's the norm.

I guess it's easy for me to brush this off, because "camping" in the parking lot outside of a winery is right up there with going to get a cavity filled in terms of things that I'd love to do.

Patrick w

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Aug 13, 2021
I managed to sneak a peak at some of their locations. Most limit it to two RVs. It's not like 20.

The real benefit is that you can actually stay there and not drink and drive.


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Aug 18, 2019
Deep South
: making assumptions that aren't necessarily true.

Dont kill the messenger. I rest assured that H.H. has consulted a marketing firm and have surveys and statistics who the profitable are and who is not. It is probably a part of trier pitch to the potential hosts. They now have adequate stats from the hosts too. There is a video on Youtube about certain campgrounds who will not allow campers older than 10years old in unless you send then a recent photo of your camper proving its condition.

You don't base opinions on " I know one or two people on who don't fit this description". That's like basing an opinion on a political poll that surveyed two people.
there are always exceptions. Look at Amazon. How many times have you seen 5% reviews of 1 star and the balance of 5 stars?

HH spent a lot of money to get this off the ground and rest assured did their research. Business models are based on averages.