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    As a camper of many years I must say that a pup and a TT each have their places depending on where you’re going and the weather. When the kids were little we upgraded from a tent to a HTT. We loved that we had the option of closing it all up when it rained but were plagued with leaks. We quickly found ourselves in a Jayco 5th wheel with a bunk room in the back for the kids. But it was 34 ft and we were immediately pushed out of our favorite, quiet “no reservations needed” places and we were a little sorry. But to get the room we needed for the family, that’s the size we ended up with. When the kids grew up and left we got a 34 ft Montana with 3 slides, a fireplace and recliners (loving the luxury) but still, we couldn’t fit in the places we loved. So, we now have a Niagara pup we love dearly and are heading out this weekend to one of our favorite, old places with no reservations and no worries. The weather should be spectacular so no wet tents. We still have the Montana for year ‘round camping, tho. I say that if you have the storage space, do both! Nothing beats the sound of the birds and the fresh air in the morning in a pup but it’s nice to be warm and dry on a cool day in October. Good luck with your decision!
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    I have had 2 pop-ups, a hybrid and 34 TT. In order of likes, pop-up, hybrid, TT. Set up and take down isnt an issue for me. The hybrid was very nice (three fold out beds and slide) but the TT was heck to tow. If you wanted to stop for food or gas, you had to plan ahead. With the pup I can go thru any drive thru or fit in any gas station. Plus I still get 24mpg with a 6 cylinder jeep cherokee.
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    We went Travel trailer last year and haven’t looked back. It has rained on us our last 3 trips (last August, this April, and this past week) and we stayed happily inside and played games. We went from a HUGE Fleetwood Bayside (25’ overall with two king bunks and a slide out) to a smallish 19’ box with no slide but twin bunks, a dinette that seats 4 people (my long legged husband likes it compared to our Viking pup table) and a queen bed. Sure, it’s smaller but we really haven’t been bothered by it, surprisingly.

    Setting up and taking down in the rain was a huge worry for me in the pup. I thought I would miss the closeness with nature but I really don’t. I just open a window or sit on a chair outside. Plus we stay warmer so we can camp longer.

    I have troubles picturing where and how to store things (a spatial/visual disability I’m realizing) so playing Tetris and packing up each time we folded up the pup was a huge stressor. Now the first thing I do when preparing for a trip is to make all our beds and my stress level drops by half.

    The ONLY downside is that we get 9 mpg now in our V8 vs 13-16 mpg when we had the pup.
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    I never did the popup. As a kid, we went from a tent to a TT to a truck camper by the time I was about 10. As an adult I went back to a tent and hated it. Years later I got a TT, then a 21ft class C. I now have the class C and the FnR (a small folding hard sided trailer).

    I always knew I didn't want to deal with tent ends, so I didn't consider popups or hybrids.

    Bunk beds are great when the kids are young, but they grow out of them pretty quickly. Lots of teen boys prefer to leave the trailer at that point and use a tent. So, remember that option as your boy gets older. Bunk beds do provide a lot of storage space.

    My TT was about a 19ft. It had a couch that converted to a bed and a fullsize dinette that turned into a bed. I kept the couch as a bed. I did find that a door by the dinette versus the bed really helps to reduce the cramped feeling. For some reason, the door at the bed makes everything seem cramped.

    My class C is actually about 3-4 feet shorter than the TT house-wise. But with the cabover bunk, it has room for a dedicated bed, dinette and couch. I love that. And having the bed up high means I don't have people messing it up - no food crumbs or spills, etc.

    My FnR is about 16ft total. It has two dedicated fullsize bunk beds and a couch. Because the dogs love the lower bunk for hanging out, I can't use it for storage. So storage is far more limiting for me. Otherwise space would be just about perfect.
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