Have some Watt Values for Heated Mattresses

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    Alright, I decided the rubber needed to meet the road here and just decided to time the damn thing. So I connected a mattress heater to a 150w inverter and then connected it to my 100ah AGM battery. Then I ran separate 8 hour tests on level 6 and level 3. I charged the battery fully between tests. Here are the results. This will be my last entry for his thread. I'll also be updating the previous record as it was done using a broken inverter, and the original post.

    Test 1
    Level 6 Test (88 Watts drain) = Battery Drained to around 25% in 5 hours. That's less than one night and a battery drained low enough to risk longevity (oops).
    1.5 Hours - 82 watts/12.2 volts
    3.5 hours - 78 watts/12.0 volts
    5 Hours - 77 watts/11.9 volts (jumped a bit after leaving the battery without draw for a few minutes)

    Test 2
    Level 3 Test (18 Watts drain) = Battery Drained to around 70% in 8 hours. That means 30% a night. 2 Nights would bring the battery down to 40% or so.
    1.5 Hours - 24 watts/12.6 volts
    3.5 hours - 25 watts/12.5 volts
    5 Hours - 27 watts/12.3 volts
    6 Hours - 27 Watts/12.3 volts
    7 Hours - 29 Watts/12.3 volts
    8 Hours - 29 Watts/12.3 volts (jumped to 12.5 after leaving the battery without draw for a minutes)
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    The current is directly proportional to the voltage. If the voltage drops the current will drop.

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