Heating for my Cox Cadet Tent Trailer?

Sep 8, 2018
Eastern NC
Some of you have seen my '76 Cox Cadet rebuild project thread; but if you haven't, I'm rebuilding an inherited Cadet 200 from the frame up. We've reached the point in the build that I have to plan interior cabinetry, and need some advice.

The Cadet 200 was a *SUPER* spartan camper. Basically a tent on a box; no A/C, heat, 12v system of any kind, interior dinette or water tanks. Just two small plywood boxes, one for storage and one for the single 120v 15A breaker and outlet. For our rebuild, I'm building in small fixed cabinets/benches for storage.

I will not be immediately adding a furnace, as we have not camped with a camper before and will be learning as we go what this camper will need to tailor our experience to us. However, in NC we're more likely to camp in cooler months to avoid the heat and humidity, so I'd like to size a section of my cabinets to accept a standard size popup furnace in the future if we decide we need it.

Is there a "standard" size popup furnace dimension? Any considerations I should make besides Air in/out, 12v fan power and wiring access for a thermostat? Reputable brands to shop for? safety in buying a used unit?

Any help is appreciated


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Mar 20, 2022
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Maybe do a quick search on Suburban RV furnaces . All the new pop ups I looked at while shopping had them. The one I bought does as well. Kept me warm at 24f. I’m sure someone with more knowledge will chime in soon.

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Aug 3, 2017
East Central MN
#vanlife LOL When the wife and I redo our PUP, I will gut and toss the stock system and replace with a Diesel Heater from the jungle website:


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Dec 22, 2002
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put it off the floor, like on the galley top. That's where I put mine if I have a furnace issue (always have a backup).


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Nov 28, 2014
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For forced air, Suburban is one brand, Atwood is another and I think Dometic makes one too. For a standard size, I’d guess it’s likely BTU, brand, and duct vs non duct specific. Diesel heaters, especially the Chinese ones have become pretty popular, there small size and price being part of it. Another small built in propane option are the Propex units. They are very popular with the VW and teardrop crowds. I don’t think a used unit is a poor choice. One thing I’d do if I purchased from unknown or reputable source (I’m thinking Craigslist stuff) I would get it serviced by our local HVAC shop before installing.

The Buddy type radiant heaters are a popular choice for intermittent use. I have one for real cold camping as it doesn’t use the battery to supplement the forced air unit. A more permanent type is the Olympic Wave series. The two things to keep in mind with a radiant unit is #1, they require fresh air ventilation, (pretty easy to accomplish in a pup) and #2, they promote condensation inside.

Good luck with your choice.
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May 31, 2018
Or , if you dont plan on many trips in the cold, get an ellectric site and a small ceramic heater. I dont think I would get a furnace. I have used my electric heater a bit, but not many times.

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