Hello From MI


1991 Bonair Skamper 210C
Aug 23, 2013
Just purchased a 1991 Skamper Pop-up camper by Bonair. Had a lot of experience with pop-up camping when I was a kid, My parents had a pop-up and it was some very fond memories spent with my parents. they were some great times enjoying many of the state and federal camping available in both upper and lower Michigan. My wife and I are looking forward to making our own camping memories. I am going to totally restore our camper over the winter. In the Spring we are going to start enjoying our new found freedom in our own pop-up camper. [PU]...I have a copy of the original Manual that came with it. The original owner had all the paperwork from the original purchase. I am going to try and get it loaded into PDF format if that would help anyone. You can E-mail me for info u need help with it or the Manual.
God Bless and Happy Camping


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Jun 2, 2010
Welcome from Mid Michigan where in just 2 short hours (they seem longer) I'll be headed to Ft Custer State Park!


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Nov 1, 2007
Perry, MI
And a happy welcome from Rochester!

(Where I'll bolt from the office in ~ 30 minutes headed for Holly Rec Area and the RenFest! [:D] )


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Oct 7, 2009
Welcome from the Ann Arbor area! Mark your calendar now for the 3rd Annual Michigan Rally on Father's Day weekend, June 2014. About 80-100 of us will be at Holly Recreation Area having a blast! Come join us! [CP]

friar---have fun out there! [Guitar]


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Aug 22, 2012
Welcome from the west coast, holland area here. I too will be modding this winter and restoring our water tightness to the front storage box on our Utah, though am guessing it never was water tight.