Hello from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


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Aug 14, 2022
Hello from Saskatoon!

New to this forum but not new to pop ups, was gifted a 1974 Lionel 120 last year from my parents. Many fond memories as kids with the family and later a few trips as teenagers with friends. Wife and I opened it up last year after >26 years under tarps sitting in mom’s back yard. Crazy! Like new in there except a smallish leak in roof, drive lights not working( never did work well if I remember right) and no propane tanks.

Took it out last year with some temp lights and with some new wheels/tires but didn’t use any appliances, had some fun and might be hooked into a complete renovation now!? Canvas still decent.

This year went out again with my dad But first…

new rubber propane hoses/leak test and appliance test(furnace, 3 way fridge, 3burner range).
new marker/brake/signal lights
new light wiring and vehicle hook up
new water tank and pipes- upgraded to 15 gallon tank
and thanks to me tightening screws and breaking them a brand new back end when I broke a bolt off the bed support and found wood rot.
also added a new regulator and new tanks.

everything seems decent, even fixed the roof leak… (crappy roof vent) but the damage was done To roof and back wall.

likely needs a new roof and floor (some soft spots with age) so trying to decide if we go the full pull and try to get it all done or just use it until it falls apart which to me would be sad. pretty handy with tools and materials but roof rebuild is big and floor is a complete rebuild If we go there. Still some good years left I think.

Interested in rebuild conversations and parts options. Love to camp and this Lionel is a gem.

Hopefully we can glean some info and wisdom from this site and maybe share a little too.



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