Hello from Washington


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Hello from the great state of Washington! We have been saving and planning for a long time and last month we bought our first trailer, a 2022 Rockwood HW296! We have a trip planned next weekend for a "shakedown" and reservations all over Washington and Idaho over the summer.

We both did a lot of camping years ago, and are looking forward to getting back out into nature, especially since we live in Western Washington and it's tough to get better camping than out here.


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Nov 28, 2014
Central Oregon
Welcome from Central Oregon. Lived and worked in Eastern Washington for a decade +/-. LOTS of camping possibilities. Enjoy your high wall.


Mar 19, 2020
Howdy Washington neighbor, we’ve got trips booked for Kanaskat Palmer, Millersvania, lake kachess and Steamboat rock so far this upcoming camp season. Wagons ho!