Hello from WPA!☺️

Lady Mj

May 27, 2021
Just turned 50 from Western Pennsylvania & I would love to buy a camper of some sort. I am thinking a pop up camper for right now to park near my DD 5th wheel at her campsite. It would just be for me and my doggie. And actually I am thinking of putting my home up for sale, so I may need to hang out in that to live in for a little while. I am not sure if that could work or not but that’s what I am here for; to learn about about campers, the camping life, etc.
As a now single lady, I am really needing to watch my budget and camping is a great way to see the US and enjoy being out in nature, I LOVE THAT!❤️ And very budget friendly.
I am excited to learn everything I can and hopefully with some great people on this site☺️


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Aug 13, 2012
Pittsburgh, Pa
Welcome from Pittsburgh, first off you need to determine. What you Can tow? What type of vechile.Do you have? A Popup is nice, but. Not always. The best to say live out of as mentioned, A hard sided. Trailer May fit that. Somewhat better. Depending. On what type of timeframe. Your looking at living out of . What type of camping do like doing, camping with electric and water, or primitive? A few simple questions. May help determine. What type of camping, and camper May be best for you ?


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Jul 22, 2020
Aston, PA
Welcome from SEPA! There are lots of great people here to learn from. We just got our first pup last year and have learned a ton!