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    Apr 21, 2016
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    Just joined. I do not have a popup yet but, I am in the market and I am hoping that this forum will be a good source to have in my research. I am not a stranger to popups as growing up my family had one and we drug that thing everywhere. I hate camp grounds so I will be "boondocking" 90% of the time. This scenario leads me to ground clearance. I am looking for off road mods, the Baja series of Jayco, both tent and hardside. I am not brand specific however, with the cost of these trailers I want to get the best quality for longevity that I can. My dream option would be a hardside that sleeps for with a toilet/shower option. I know you can get a small travel trailer for about the same cost of the evolutions, hardsides, and Somerset's but, I want to be able to park it in the lean-to on my shop and a full height trailer will not work. Anyway, my back ground is that I currently work as an Agronomist. I did work as a John Deere Service technician for 10 years as I furthered my education so I am pretty handy and mechanically inclined so, hopefully I can provide some valuable information to others as well. I also frequent the expedition portal forum as well. Family consists of myself, wife, 19 mo. old and one on the way hence, bathroom/shower want.
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    Feb 18, 2016
    Howdy Swingin', I went through the same process as you before picking a camper. I figured an "off road" popup can go anywhere but a low slung popup has some limitations. I went with a Fleetwood E3. You will pay a bit more for the camper but what I found was you have to spend a little to get a lot. it has all you mentioned excepted a hardside. I like the low profile behind the truck so I am glad it collapse while I drive.
    I went to http://www.searchcraigslist.org/ so I could look at all the different states around me. I found one that was 6 hours away but it worked out. As I am a newbe also I don't know how to attach a link yet, sorry.

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