HELP - How to put in a window unit for temporary use?

Discussion in 'Heating / Cooling Systems' started by lovetocamp2010, Mar 29, 2011.

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    All Great Ideas!!! And in a worst case scenario You could use it to heat the pup in the winter by turning it around and letting the hot air blow in. Of course your controls would be on the outside!!!! lol
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    Hello all. This is an awesome forum. Theres alot of good information and camaraderie here. Im not suggesting anything other than throwing out a few random thoughts. For mounting through the canvas you might want to take a look at for an outside platform im thinking along the lines of four screws installed on the lower with the heads sticking out 3/8 of an inch. Shelf braces could be easily hooked and unhooked from these. The shelf braces could serve as a platform to hold the unit in place at the canvas line.

    Im somewhat impressed with the little $99 dollar units sold at home depot. They blow air diagonally upwards rather than straight out.

    Ive seen some neat window unit installs here and other threads. Just keep in mind that the vents on the back of these units really need to breath and smothering them really isnt a good idea. Some of the rear installs really look good. The base cabinet installs look promising as well, as long as the ventilation is there. The assorted sized vent covers from home depot may work well on the exterior.

    I havent tried any of these(yet). Just throwing some thoughts out there.

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