Help me plan a last minute Quebec or Eastern Canada trip? No camping

Discussion in 'Ontario' started by Canoe2fish, Aug 18, 2016.

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    Apr 14, 2014
    So we're thinking of ditching our camping plans (gasp, YES...this one has to be camping free) for a trip to Quebec or Atlantic Canada.

    Here's the challenge;
    1) Max 8 days out
    2) Thrifty accommodations without camping (I.e, Bed and Breakfasts, cheaper hotels except for those bad enough to want to make you sleep on top of the covers)
    3) Prime focus on one of the following areas; Cabot Trail, Bay of Fundy, Quebec City in that order of preference
    4) Maximum of 5 hours travel per day so we can stop and explore (aside from driving hard to get out of and back to Ontario)
    5) Focus on scenic views/drives/vistas, heritage sites, timeless old world or rustic Canada - wish to avoid commercialized areas or attractions
    6) Canadian route only (No passports)

    I have 2 weeks to put something together...all ideas are welcome

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