Help me understand how my Propane system works

Discussion in 'Propane - Got Gas' started by Kparnell26, Aug 1, 2016.

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    Aug 1, 2016
    Hello Guys,

    New user and new Travel Trailer owner. Been camping all my life. Never slept in a camper until recent purchase.
    Just returned from successful 1st run 8 day 7 night trip.Set up and tore down pop-up 6 times, drove 2750 miles for a total of 61 driving hours. I now have a good idea of how things work but have a few questions still.

    Now for my LP question.
    I believe my camper came with 1 LP tank and the previous owner installed a second. It has the changover selector but its behind the bottles almost touching the camper wall. You cant see the full or empty gauge without a mirror. Also the hose on the right(passenger side) is very tight against the second bottle.

    To be perfectly honest I didnt discover the switch until yesterday. My whole trip it was in the down position not pointed at either bottle.
    I do have the external outside propane line and from what i read I believe its 30PSI.

    So my questions:

    1) When in the down position is the propane being pulled from both bottles?
    2) I read that with the external line and an added regulator that the propane only pulls from one bottle and cant draw from the second. Is that true.
    3) Is this plumbed correctly (picture to follow)? Basically explain this to me.
    Line on top coming out of the red thing goes down all the way to the back external outside line.
    Line from the top tank goes to T fitting at bottom of red thing and top of the changeover.
    Line out of the bottom of the changeover goes under the TT to several different ports inside the camper.
    Line out of the tank obviously goes to the bottom (drivers side) of the changeover
    4) Ive read I need a cover to be in compliance. Is that true? Do I need a cover and if so what do you recommend?

    Thanks so much guys. Im glad to be part of the tribe!


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    Nov 30, 2014
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    Red thing is your high pressure regulator which provides propane to your outside stove/grill - looks like it will only run off the top tank in your picture (your assumption below is correct).
    It should T-off to one inlet on your changeover/low pressure regulator.
    The pigtail from your other propane tank should go to the other inlet on your changeover/low pressure regulator.
    The outlet from your changeover/low pressure regulator. provides propane to your other appliances (indoor stove, refrigerator, furnace, etc).

    So, although a bit hard to see in the picture and a bit cramped, it sounds like it is set up like mine.
    Typically, the propane bottle you point the lever on the changeover towards is the primary source and will switch over to the secondary when the primary is exhausted.

    Not sure about the cover - mine doesn't have one.
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    Aug 20, 2012
    Above is correct!! The cover is primarily for the regulator to keep water and debris from getting in the reg vent and freezing or rusting out the reg so it doesnt work properly.

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