Hi from WA!


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Mar 27, 2022
Good morning! My family and I just purchased a 2022 Rockwood 1940LTD. The kids are tweens and have been tent camping since birth (and before!) and my husband and I have been campers/backpackers for a long time. We like to camp in western WA/OR for weekend trips. We’re planning a long summer road trip through the northern part of the US- MT, WY, ND and SD.

We’re going on our first trip tomorrow to a state park that’s close to home so we can test everything out (and still be able to run home and feed the 🐱🐱🐱)

I’m really excited about the added comfort for our future adventures. Thanks for the add to the group, I’m pretty sure that I’ll have lots of questions. I’ve read through a few threads and everyone seems to be really friendly and helpful. Hopefully I’ll be able to offer advice as seasoned pop up owner one day, and not just ask questions. 😂 I really appreciate this forum.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!!


Mar 19, 2020
Hello, A big girl!
Please share pics of your rig and what not. Its going to be chilly out there, bring a sweater!
I’m up here in Kent Wa. PNW rules for camping!