Hickory Run State Park site 94


Oct 12, 2020
Bucks County, PA
ACB4854B-06D3-443B-817D-64EF55D2DB72.jpeg I debated posting the actual site number because I kinda want to keep it a secret. This is the BEST site in the whole campground. Truly. Large, very level, and barely see the neighbors. When we go later in the year and the trees are leafed out, can’t see them at all. Plus, a babbling brook below the site that played its soothing sounds all night. We have been camping here for years, always at this site, but it has been a couple of years since we were here. This is not a pet site, so no doggies this trip. They opened up pet sites in the 300’s loop since we were last here, which is great because the other pet loop (I think it’s in the 100’s site numbers) is terribly packed in. My husband said it looked like a block party over there when we drove through. He wasn’t wrong.
We scouted some potentially decent pet sites in the 300’s, but probably will keep returning to this site unless we can’t get a dog sitter. This trip we decided to hike a trail we hadn’t before, so we did the skyline trail, which was rooty and rocky and had pretty amazing views. It’s about a 3.5 mile loop. Quick trip out to Boulder field just because, and lots of relaxing around the campsite. The new visitor center is impressive, with lovely interpretive materials and exhibits (mostly for kids?). My kids are old now, but they would have loved the exhibits here when they were younger.
Also, bathrooms seem redone in the last few years, and were decent and clean. Camp store was as eclectically stuffed with goodies and junk as always. This is a big park and a big campground, with lots to do. I highly recommend it, just use care and look carefully at the map when selecting your site. (Or trust me, and book this one.)


2004 Fleetwood/Coleman Utah
Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
Many years ago I had that exact site. I could only hear neighbors but could not actually see them. It was absolutely amazing feeling. I just wish it was dog friendly. That’s the site pet owners need the most. Sadly I slowed down camping in PA Since I’ve relocated my camper storage and since Covid, it was easier/safer to stay in my home state and I discovered more places to visit here that can be just as nice. I guess sometimes it is best to stop and smell the flowers.

Dusty road

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Feb 28, 2016
Conneaut, Ohio
We were there last July in site 241. We had neighbors but we didn't really hear them. The site to our right had a family of first time Covid campers. Mom read Dad the instructions to put up the tent while their little kids played.The boulder field was amazing.

Dave Moz

Jul 15, 2021
Heading to HRSP in Oct with 5 other families, some long time campers, some only 2nd year out. It's been about 20 years since I've camped there. If you have any thoughts of what areas to look at for a group to be close to each other, I would appreciate it.
We're not loud or obnoxious neighbors and are always looking to avoid groups like that.

Bonus: We just got a 1987 Laramie to take the place of our 1985 Aspen. ;)

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