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Jun 6, 2018
I have an off roady looking trailer. It's pretty tall.
I use the same hitch I bought for my Dodge 1500 and enclosed trailer, only flipped over with the 4Runner and pop up.
Think on the sticker it says 5 inch drop or a 5 1/2 rise.
But it's marked to be used both ways.
Aug 11, 2019
Nova Scotia, Canada
I'm about 95% sure that those adjustable reese draw bars cannot be used upside down. The adjustable part that the ball is mounted to can be used as a lift or drop, but the piece that slides into your trailer hitch must be as shown with the longer end down.
Right. The shank can't be inserted into the receiver upside down but you can slide the bar out of the top and insert it from the bottom. Like the diagram posted by Jawritch and bheff
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Aug 11, 2019
Nova Scotia, Canada
Measure twice, cut once. So I measured again. The first measurement of the camper coupler I did a couple days ago didn't take the slope of my driveway into account. So the camper coupler is actually about 18 inches. When I flip the hitch bar to make it a drop hitch, it will be about 18.5 inches. The camper will probably drop the tv by half an inch? So I think it'll work if I make the hitch a drop hitch instead of a rise hitch. But when I actually hook it on, I guess I'll find out for sure! First pic is the front of the camper (17") and second pic is the rear (14.5") in my sloping driveway.


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Jun 8, 2012
Another option to consider is if you want to gain another inch or 2 you can always get a rise ball. Not sure what they cost but I believe they come in 1 and 2 inch rises if I am recalling correctly. I used to use a 1 inch rise ball on my HTT


May 1, 2019
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I just got a new tv... Ram1500. The top of the hitch ball on the truck is 24 inches from the ground. The top of the hitch on the camper is 21.5 inches from the ground. Will that 2.5 inch difference be ok? View attachment 60669 View attachment 60670
Determine which has a greater height—your hitch or coupler—and find the difference between the two measurements:
If your hitch height is greater, use a ball mount with a drop.

Hitch Height (A) - Coupler Height (B) = Drop (C)

If your coupler height is greater, use a ball mount with a rise.

Coupler Height (B) - Hitch Height (A) = Rise (D)

Select a ball mount with a drop (C) or rise (D) measurement that is closest to the difference between your hitch and coupler heights. For instance, if your hitch height is 15 inches and your coupler height is 10 inches, you'll need a ball mount with a 5-inch drop.

Measurement A (15") - Measurement B (10") = C (5" Drop).

If your hitch height is 12 inches and your coupler height is 13 inches, you'll need a ball mount with a 1-inch rise.

Measurement B (13") - Measurement A (12") = D (1" Rise).

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Jul 10, 2018
Don’t forget the cargo weight when you are loaded for camping. I bought a 2 inch drop ball that was perfect when my SUV was not loaded. I had to make a last minute trip to get a straight hitch because my SUV was considerably lower when loaded with camping gear.