Holly Bay Campground / Daniel Boone Nat'l Forest / London-Corbin Area

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    Nice, spacious site, well-shaded, easy setup aside from the electric hookup being a little farther than my cord would reach originally. We had to crank up the stabilizers and push our pup forward about four feet. We could just barely see our neighbors to either side - the spots are far apart and heavily wooded.

    Clean restroom facilities, very well maintained. Be aware that while all loops have restrooms not all loops have showers. We stayed on H loop and had to drive to G loop in order to shower, but that's just about five minutes give or take.

    The beach area was nice enough, but bring an umbrella or cabana unless you want to be in the sun all day as there's no natural shade. And come prepared to walk a good distance. The parking area is at the top of the dam and the beach is down a steep hill (or, a little farther away, a set of stairs). Some of the more self-important folks opened the gate at the top of the hill and drove down to the beach, but a ranger came through about midway through the day and made them all move. So if you do that it's at your own risk.

    There's good trail access from within the camp loops. We walked from our site to the Sheltowee Trace trail, which runs along the rim of Laurel Lake. It was a pleasant hike for the four of us, relatively easy as it was pretty level once we got down to the trail itself. The trail is nicely maintained and well-marked. There are numerous inlets where you can walk down to the lakeside from the trail.

    The pad at the site was in good shape and it was very easy to get our pup leveled. There was a big sturdy (National Forest-style!) picnic table and a fire ring with a cooking grate. We had a great time and most likely will go back since it's relatively close for us (~ 2 hours).
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