Holly Recreation Area


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Feb 11, 2014
Looking to camp at HRA in August. Any site recommendations? I have never camped in Michigan before and am looking for a nice kid\pet friendly campground within 1-2 hours of Oxford. Please all advice is welcome!


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Oct 7, 2009
We hold the Michigan Rally at Holly every year--it's a beautiful place! Trillium loop is very heavily wooded (and our loop of choice). Maple has open and partially shaded sites. Hickory sites can vary considerably--some are good, others are very rugged and I would not recommend them. If you are interested in site pics and descriptions, click on the [CAM] in my profile. I can help you with all in the Trillium and Maple loops. I am familar with the others, but have not actually camped there.

Holly is a great all-around park. So much to do, I highly recommend your choice!