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    So just spent 4 nights at Holly Shores. First time ever there. Sites are small, gravel base. We camped at site M01 - which is directly across from a laundry/bathroom. Since it was a Halloween Event weekend, it was very crowded. Backing in was a little difficult because there is a speed bump in the way, but we got it done. There was not enough room for the camper and the Suburban to be next to each other, so we had to pull in under the front bunk next to hitch, and a little stuck out. Electric connector was at the limit of the 30' cord reach, and traffic passing through to the bathroom unplugged us a few times. TV Hookup was easy but reception was mediocre. Wi-Fi was available, but at a charge ($3/day with discounts for multiple days). Site was very level with only minimal adjustments needed. Quiet hours were respected. Staff was ok, not overly friendly and no one seemed to know where the dump station was (it's not marked on the map and not where the front desk told us, the ladies cleaning the bathroom didn't know either). Used their showers since we were right across from them. Stalls were small, 25 cents for about 5 minutes. Fixed temperature, and on Monday it took the 1st quarter to get the water hot. Soap dispensers didn't; that was the same for the DW as well as me. You have to hold the water on to wash hands, it took over 6 minutes (yes, on the 3rd day I timed it) for warm water to come out on the hot side. It was nice that they picked up the garbage - just leave it in a bag in by the road and they come by several times per day. Didn't know they were going to "lock down" the campground from 4 to 10 on Saturday - no one in or out unless an emergency - which prevented my children from coming down to see us. They hadn't mentioned that when we confirmed our reservations the week before, reservations which we had made way back in June.

    We could not enjoy the other offerings of the resort this late in the season - so I can't comment on the pool or other "goodies". Large seasonal crowd, they were friendly and polite. Being late in the season, they have trees that drop acorns constantly, so there was lots of pinging off the roof.

    Overall, given that this has been the highest cost stay we have ever had at a camp ground, we won't likely go back. Staff could have been a little more friendly (hey - I am staying there doing YOU the favor, not the other way around!) bathrooms could have been a little cleaner. As a comparison, Ocean View Resorts was MUCH better, bigger sites, easier hook ups, and the staff went out of their way to help.

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