Home Made Anode Rod Thread Cleaner


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May 12, 2007
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
After 13 years, rust had accumulated on the Anode Rod Threads inside my hot water heater and I could only get about 2 threads screwed in this year. Here I made an Anode Rod Thread Cleaner out of an old Anode rod with a Dremel Tool. Screwing this in and out, and cleaning with a tooth brush got the threads back to where I could screw in my anode rod again.



More photos of the process to build this thread cleaner are at this link.

Another option is to spend $10-20 on a tap on Amazon like this one
IRWIN NPT Tap, 3/4-14" (1906ZR)
There are youtube videos on how to do this.

But the danger of using a tap is that it is so sharp it cuts new threads and might cut threads where you don't want it to go

Here is one of the youtube videos

Here's a video that says its better to make a thread cleaner/chaser rather than use a tap

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