Honey Creek S.P in Moravia , Ia

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    All I can say is WOW ! ! ! I was TOTALLY shocked at how CLEAN and well maintained this park was ! The rest rooms and showers were some of the cleanest I have ever seen ! The lands were AWESOME ! Very well groomed and yet , very native and wild were need be . PLENTY of wild turkeys and deer ( yes , does , bucks , even seen a few button bucks there along with a BUNCH of spotted fawns . And they were NOT afraid of coming close . As long as you remained still and quiet , they watched closely and ate and slowly wandered closer and closer . We ( the wife and myself ) had a few fawns as close as 4 feet away at times .
    Now . the lake itself ... its BIG ... almost reminded me of one of the great lakes from certain spots . The lake can accommodate VERY large and FAST boats , if thats what your into . Along with fishing boats , ski boats , jet skis and anything else that floats - lol .
    The fishing was not the greatest , but I still had a GREAT time trying - LOL
    seen a few snakes , but , none that would harm you ( unless you happened to get scared and jump off one of the many VERY steep drop-offs by the edge of the lake . I think the tallest one was near the SHELTER # 1 .... my guess would be around 30 to 35 foot drop STRAIGHT down ..... no.. there are no fences or guards there to stop you . Just your common sense - LOL - if you have any - LOL
    We stayed at number 147 site ... PLENTY of soft grass , plenty of room and yeah ... it had 50 amp power hook -up ( the wife wanted to run the AC ... the humitity was VERY high and the temps hit almost 90 each day and no ... we're not in our 30's or 40's - LOL and the wife has COPD which doesn't help sometimes )
    All in all .... HONEY CREEK S.P . is one I would recommend . The DNR were all helpful and friendly as were the other few guests/campers that were there .
    Dogs ARE allowed if interested and they have special area near the campgrounds for parking your boat if don't want it near/in your campsite area .
    We had some very nice "neighbors" ( besides the turkeys and deer that came to visit )
    Again , I would suggest this family campground / State park to anyone interested . I will post some pics later after I figure out how to

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