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Discussion in 'South Dakota' started by moonpost, Jul 31, 2017.

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    Apr 2, 2017
    We just did a week trip out to South Dakota's Black Hills and ended up staying at Horse Thief Campground. We were thrilled with our stay. It is nestled in the hills behind Mount Rushmore (their address is Hill City), plenty of trees, great spots and hookups, nice and clean bath houses and hot showers, picnic tables and fire rings at each spot, two playgrounds, a pool, and very pleasant owners. They even have a little lodge store, with a freezer full of ice cream treats which thankfully my kids didn't discover until day 3! If you don't have a camper, there are plenty of tent spots, and several super cute wee cabins to rent.
    As we are new to PUP camping, we haven't had a lot of experience with campgrounds, but I sure feel lucky we found this place -- why do people go to those glorified parking lots right off the road with no trees or much grass? -- and we'd highly recommend it and we'd stay here again in a second.
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    "why do people go to those glorified parking lots right off the road with no trees or much grass"

    I have often wondered the same thing myself, but some prefer to have electrical/water and even sewer and TV connections. It's not for me! But it is their right.
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    Jun 26, 2016
    Thanks for your review! We are heading that way in July. Do you have any specific campsites that you'd recommend?
    We also are considering Big Pine Campground near Custer -- but they don't have all the days we'd like. Thanks!

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