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Apr 1, 2013
When we bought our trailer, the seller told us it had a hot water tank, furnace, and fridge. We've figured out the furnace and fridge, but it doesn't seem to have hot water. We don't know if we're just doing something wrong, or if there isn't actually hot water. We're totally new to trailers, so we have no idea how it would work. Would there be a separate tank for hot water if the trailer is set up for it? If so, where would we look to see if we have that tank? Or does the water come from the cold water tank and just get heated as it's pumped to the tap? The trailer does have a separate hot and cold faucet.

If we don't have hot water, what would be involved in adding it? We were thinking of purchase the Coleman hot water on demand thing, but if we could somehow set up hot water to come right out of our trailer faucet that would be preferable.

The trailer is a 1994 Dutchman 1203 tent trailer. It has all the optional equipment (furnace, fridge, double propane tanks, electric brakes), so it seems reasonable to assume that it has the hot water tank, but I'm thinking maybe it doesn't since I can't seem to find it lol.



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Mar 13, 2007
Water tank should be under one of the seats. Sorrounded by styrofoam. Also it runs off of propane from your tanks. There should be an off and on switch near it to turn on the water tank. Our switch actually lights up to let us know its on.



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Oct 3, 2007
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[:D] Welcome from Connecticut, happy and safe camping, enjoy and have fun. The water heater will have a 12 by 12 inch door on the out side of the PUP.

and on the inside of the door it will look something like this.

There is also 2 major brands, some you have to light, some will light themselves. Also many water heater will have the water bypassed/shut off to it in the winter. Tell us what you find. We can then go farther.


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May 20, 2008
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Some PUPs have a by-pass system so that anti-freeze doesn't go into the water heater during winterizing. You need to be sure the by-pass valves are set to allow water to flow into the tank. The tank is six gallons and located in a cabinet, probably near the floor. There will be a hatch for the control on the outside as Raycfe's picture shows. The water heater has to be lit in there. You will need a propane tank and have to be sure the air has been bled from the propane lines.

The water heater will get water from one of two sources. If you are connected to city water with a white, potable water hose the pressure will fill the tank. If you are using the on-board fresh water tank, which you must fill manually through a port on the outside of the trailer, six gallons of that water will flow into the water heater tank when you turn on the water pump. For the pump to operate you must have a working 12-volt battery or be plugged into an external AC electric source.