How best to secure your popup as it sits in the driveway?

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    I agree with part of this. As I mentioned above, especially in RV lots, a lock is a great diversion to unlocked RVs. In your driveway, where there is only one target, a crappy lock doesn't do much. And, I'm not suggesting throwing your arms up in defeat. There are many good lock products out there, they just aren't sold in most stores and don't have the word "Master" anywhere on them.

    Paclock and Abloy are two names that come to mind. Or, like I and others have said, remove a wheel or two. That's better than a lock.

    I couldn't disagree more with this. It's not me who's fooling themself on this one. Yes, I have sat down with a uniball metal clip and a bobby pin and easily picked several Master Locks (just the garden-variety ones). No, I have no experience doing it ... I have a regular desk job. No doubt I'd struggle with the more complex locks, but that's not what was linked to above.

    Absolutely, it's easier to pick a lock on a well lit desk than on a hitch in the dark. So, instead of 20 seconds it takes 4 minutes. Great.

    I'm not sure what a "common thief" really is, but I'm pretty sure that someone who was going around looking to actually steal a trailer is going to salivate when they see nothing but "Master Lock" on the hitch. I believe I already said this, but I agree that the crack-heads and teens are more apt to steel gear off of trailers. People who would steal the entire trailer know how to defeat common locks. We can agree to disagree on this one, but I give criminals more credit.
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    Lock picks are too small. They use bolt cutters.
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    some other ideas i had...

    use a tire club... aka "boot" around the tire. and a coupler lock. and a floodlight/camera. lastly and most importantly... a dog.

    wrote some details about securing your pop up camper/travel trailer in the driveway here:

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