How did you come up with your screen name?

Tonya Harding

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Jun 15, 2018
Thought you had to use your given name, & signed in w/ that a few years ago; when Steve enabled a name change recently, I went w/ TH, a moniker I used on a hunting/fishing site several years ago after seeing TH on tv...


Apr 11, 2022
So Ive been a firefighter EMT since 89. I used to be on a crew of a top alcohol funny car. At one of the races we were at (I always put an out of order sign on one of the porta potties so the racers had a clean place to go) I attempted to duct tape my crew chief in the porta potty to throw an M80 down the vent while he peed. He saw one of the bystanders have a horrified look on her face and run away. He came out of the latrine at 100 MPH and kept yelling at me " What do you think you're some kind of F'ing Jester"" It was one of my MANY pranks at the track over the years.
Its stuck. He has since passed and I wont ever retire the name.


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May 13, 2022
Rochester, New York
My screen name comes from an older screen name I used on other forums, DerangedHermit. Deranged Hermit is the name of an old Magic the Gathering card game card that my son, then about age 12, got me involved with. We built a deck together with Deranged Hermit as the key card, and with it he won his first tournament.

But since then, and since most people don't play MTG, I got an impression that DerangedHermit as a screen name made some people uncomfortable. So I switched to "addled recluse". I'm not sure that really helps, though.


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May 20, 2022
Old nickname from high school friends that stuck thru the 20 odd years. Same ones are flying out Saturday and we’re taking the pop up to Moab on a dudes trip for some 4x4 and whitewater rafting this weekend.


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Jun 25, 2022
Lots of new folks........Had an old thread asking this in 2009. Whats the story behind your username?
Mine is simply a nickname my parents gave me as a youngster, and my birthday....nothing to do with beer.
We picked up a 2009 Palomino P-series, and since they are no longer called Pony, and I was looking for a redecorating theme, we are making her a nautical horse. (We are New Englanders now retired and living in the Smokies, so this is my homage to my USCG 30-year retiree partner.).