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How Do You Make Coffee (The Juice Of Life)


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Dec 31, 2021
I generally make coffe in one of two ways. I use a cheap ($20) Walmart K-Cup brewer if I'm on Shore Power, or power it via the Inverter in my truck if not. I bought that one specifically because it only pulls around 900 watts and my little Inverter is happy with it. If I'm brewing for multiple people, I have a Coleman Quickpot drip brewer with carafe that runs off of propane. Never an excuse to not have the morning cup of Joe!
Sep 17, 2012
For many years we drank "camp coffee" made in a vintage stainless steel tea kettle: boil water, add ground coffee, steep a few minutes and add a bit of cold water to settle the grounds (or pour through a little sieve or tea strainer).
As so often happens, we've added refinements, many from thrift stores. First a big thermos to keep the coffee hot. Then a Bodum (French press) for making the coffee so the kettle would stay clean for other uses ... then for Christmas one year a bigger and nicer thermos with a handle that wasn't broken ... and every year I consider splurging on a double-walled stainless steel bodum ...
In other words, it's never-ending! :)


Sep 21, 2021
Absolutely. The original drip coffee maker :) I have had the same Melita cone type filter coffee making apparatus since 1996, bought it in Hong Kong while working on the new airport. Back then it was under British rule and everyone had tea, so I had to figure out a way to have my coffee. Still have the same stainless vacuum mug that I bought for that trip too!
I second the classic Melitta pour over coffee maker. It's quick, reliable and makes good coffee. I've had one for over 30 years and it's still going strong!


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Aug 23, 2020
Javy liquid coffee concentrate, heat water and put in a couple teaspoons, they have several flavors. Some of the best and smoothest coffee I ever tasted come from concentrated liquid coffee, a restaraunt in Hilton head sc the crazy crab has some killer coffee made from liquid concentrate.


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Jun 5, 2014
Franklin, MA
When we have hookups, we use a 1 cup K-cup machine. I have to brew it twice in a smaller cup and dump it into my insulated mug. It's kinda small, but works.
When we're boondocking, I have a french press that I really like. Sometimes I use it instead of the K-cup machine just because.

Arlyn Aronson

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Jun 11, 2014
Houghton, MI
When we have hookups, we use a 1 cup K-cup machine. I have to brew it twice in a smaller cup and dump it into my insulated mug. It's kinda small, but works.
When we're boondocking, I have a french press that I really like. Sometimes I use it instead of the K-cup machine just because.
We used a press but gave up on it after trying to clean it out. To much effort and water was required and we bring our own at many sites. This is why we switched to silicon drip cup that filters via paper. We later dry out the filter and burn it.
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Apr 3, 2021
I use a percolator with a filter. Take a fender washer that fits loosely over a ¼" drill. Drill through a pack of basket filters while pressing down the washer on top and with scrap wood on the bottom. Then slip a filter into the basket (tight fit) and percolate! You will never go back.
I love this suggestion best. I have a stainless-steel percolator I only used camping, then last year I plugged a small water boiler into my Jackery and made french press coffee, but as said, it's a pain to empty and clean! I do have a single cup cone drip I could use, and I'll try again and compare taste, but I'm going to return to my percolator and do the drill with bucket filters. The single Melita filter mentioned still will have grounds up the side of the coffee ground holder. I'd rather throw away the whole filter with grounds, rinse pot and be done!


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Oct 20, 2014
Knee deep in kudzu
Have tried several methods for campsite coffee. Some worked well but my personal choice for quite a while was the same collapsible pour over Aronson showed. My problem is getting easily distracted. (Seriously, super easily distracted.) What I needed was something like an unplugged version of an autodrip coffee maker. At home I have a 50+ year old Corning Ware version I inherited from my grandmother.

Recently, I found a variation that is great for camping. This OXO pour-over dripper is simple, easy, inexpensive, and makes great coffee. My problem is solved!


[Disclaimer: Kudzu reserves the rights to conceive of unlimited coffee making problems that need resolutions and collect correspondingly unlimited coffee making equipment.]


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Jan 30, 2021
"How to make instant coffee, 1883".
Actually more like liquid coffee concentrate. The ginger reminds me of a cold press coffee I had recently that included a bit of cinnamon and cream.
Jul 20, 2014
My DH likes the Coleman Drip pictured above. It does take up a lot of room packing-wise, but the coffee is the way he likes it. We've also done the percolator thing, and even instant (gasp!), but he likes the drip unit over the burner the best. Never thought to take the French press camping, but probably won't, because it makes much less coffee, and you can't keep it hot over a minimal flame while drinking the first cup!


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Oct 10, 2021
West Palm Beach, Florida
Love my Melitta pour over into a thermos carafe. Don Pablo Signature blend.
However, I also LOVE Community Coffee/Chicory blend. Problem is it’s ground too fine, plugs up my paper filter. So I’m forced to use a Cuban expresso pot for that.
Either way, I pack way too much equipment 🙄. But…I’m a happy camper every morning.