how do you um "do it" in the popup with kids

Discussion in 'Camping with Kids/Pets' started by midas, May 13, 2007.

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    I have had fun reading all these replies over the years and have not yet contributed, so I figured it was past time for me to add my thoughts/experiences.
    The DW and I do enjoy having fun together and don't let camping with the kids cramp our style as far as that goes...

    Like some of you, I decided to add some other stabilizers under the frame. I haven't tried the BAL levelers, but am considering it. We also keep a box fan in the camper to help circulate air- it and the a/c or furnace help hide some noise. We also just stick with the softer versions of things while the kids are with us. She also has a small, quiet device that we can use to help her along a bit.... The more adventurous things have happened when we had the camper all to ourselves.

    As far as the picnic table, we've never utilized it at all. The thought really doesn't appeal to us. We have sat around the campfire and had some fun-maybe not the full blown version, but......
    Once while the grandparents watched the kids, the DW and I went to the bathhouse for a shower. It was late at night and we had the place to ourselves, so I was able to sneak her into the men's side and we were able to shower and enjoy a large shower stall together.
    We've also had an amorous moment or so off a quiet hiking trail...

    There are ways to handle things if you get creative (and have a bit of a naughty mind).
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    I’ve been wondering when this thread would get dug back up... still waiting to see the “braless women” revival too [LOL]
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    This question was just asked on a Facebook group. I take no responsibility for what happens...
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