How is Summit Lake SP...lakeside campsites?

Discussion in 'Indiana' started by zinger60, May 9, 2016.

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    We are thinking of staying at Summit Lake the end of July but have never been there before. Can anyone tell me the good things (and bad, if any) of the park, things to do, etc.? How are the campgrounds? I see they have lakeside sites and wondering if anyone has camped there.
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    Feb 20, 2013
    Summit Lake is a good park. The lake is clear. Fishing can be tough but is fun to kayak. The beach is a bit small. You can run outboards on the lake but only at idle speed.

    There are a few that are right on the lake. I'm going by memory but sites 38, 40, 97, 98 are right on the water and you could dock a boat and see it. The rest have a bit of a trail and there is a trail that goes around the cove so it's not really "lakefront" you can pull a boat up on the bank but at the risk of security of people bank fishing if you are not within sight of it. The further from the point you are the longer the trail is. My kids love it because the trails and trees let them get away from the camp a bit. The bank fishing by the campgrounds is pretty weak - but most places are.
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    We have camped on 97 before and it was great for kayaking as there is room to beach multiple kayaks at the campsite. There are a few other sites in the same area that appeared to good as well. It is a nice quiet lake that is large enough for good paddling and fishing. We have been there on three different occasions and it was relatively quiet every time. Enjoy.

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