How long is your set-up time?


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Aug 3, 2012
I have a PUP, and it takes abut 10 to 15 minutes for set-up time.
That does not include the awning or any canopy or anything else outside.

I just had opportunity to watch some nice TT owners set-up their campers,
and I was surprised to see them working for a half-hour or an hour on everything.
I thought they were supposed to be more like instant!

How is your set-up? [?:~{]

Nascar Fan

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Nov 18, 2008
Washington, PA
It is not generally a race for us unless it's raining when we set up. That has only happened once and I think it took us about 15 minutes. Camping for us is about the entire experience and we just take our time. I would guess that with taking some brewski breaks, it takes us about an hour from parking to having the outdoor kitchen, antenna, flag pole and inside set up with stocking the kitchen and making up the bed. If it's really hot out, it can take longer. As I said, it is all a part of the camping experience, somtimes we chat with some fellow campers. We are destination campers at the Nascar races and at times it can take hours to set up as we meet the folks we have camped with over the years. It's like old home week.


Sep 16, 2011
We take our time setting up. Hubby and I are getting on up there in age so we just take our sweet time. Don't want any injuries. The old gray goose ain't what she use to be. :)



Jul 30, 2012
We just got our pup in mid August of this year. The first time it was well over an hour and after 3 trips we have it down to about 30 minutes. Just last Friday at the Indiana Fall rally we had our first night time setup and I think that took about an hour. We had a SPUT on that one too: we didn't chock the wheels before unhitching... luckily the pup didn't end up in the marsh behind our site. [:D]


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Aug 10, 2011
If we're setting up for a weekend of camping, then I'd say it takes about 45 min to an hour to fully set up our site. That includes raising the camper, setting up our kitchen and getting our overall site ready to "live in" (chairs, awning, lights, etc.).

If I'm setting up in the driveway, 15-25 minutes.


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Feb 21, 2011
Appfan said:
then I'd say it takes about 45 min to an hour to fully set up our site.

This is about right, IMO. It seems it takes longer to unhook and level than it does to pop up and out.

I can have the trailer set up in 20 min's tops. The rest of the time is the ancillaries. That can take all weekend.

As others have said, it's not a race. There have been at least two times that I didn't set up the trailer for at least an hour, closer to two upon arriving. I , (we) don't go camping to hang out in the trailer. It's just a place to sleep. YMMV


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May 20, 2008
Working with "serious intent" in a pouring rain, we've had ours up and weathertight in 10 minutes or less from the time it comes off the hitch. That's cranked up, stabs down, beds out and Conestogas up plus the door in place. Usually it's about 15-18 minutes for the job without rushing.

Regardless, we still have to set up the interior but that's out of the weather.
Moving everything in from the TV is another 10 min or so, but that can wait til the rain lightens up or stops.

We rarely use the awning and we "live" inside, so there's not much else to do except set up a couple chairs outside.


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
Basic set-up is more than likely under half an hour, depending on interruptions, weather, and how much we feel like pushing to get things set up; we've been known to be ready to go off and explore in 15 minutes or so. We have a pretty easy set up. We do use the awning most of the time, as well as a separate canopy (usually over the picnic table). We don't do lights, grills, etc. to complicate set up.

Set up does take us a shorter time than ground camping, if only because we don't spend as much time hauling things from the vehicle to the tent pad.


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Oct 3, 2009
Backed in,leveled & up less than 20 min.. EZup,outdoor kitchen,grilletc....can take 2 hrs. We don't do it all at once though. Once it's up we might take a bike ride,fish,swim,have dinner or drinks then finish it up before dark the 1st night. This coming weekend we are camping with another family & tents are involved along with pup & it's supposed to rain. Might be the quickest setup ever or the longest weather dependent.

Ted S.

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Dec 20, 2011
I think if we all had bone stock campers with no equipment to set up we would all set up in the same amount of time.

It's the "stuff" that makes the difference.


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Jan 8, 2012
2 hours for complete set up. That's leveling, awning, popping up, hauling water, prepping the toilet, setting up the canopy, stove, table cloth. Quick bite for lunch, then it's off to the trout river for me!

I'd just rather get it all done in one shot and be set for the weekend.

Bullfrog Bheer

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Feb 19, 2010
Central Wisconsin
Last time, by myself...3 hours. That's taking 4 bikes and the rack off the roof and completely setting everything up including awning and tacky lights and taking my own sweet time. First time I ever attempted to take the bike rack off and set the awning up by myself.


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Feb 9, 2011
To level, pop it up, and pull out the bunks, put the door in place and set up the dinette...yeah...probably 15 minutes or so. But that doesn't include making the beds and getting everything else situated inside...let alone all of the outside stuff that needs to be done. I'd say on average, I spend a good hour or so, but I'm also doing it all by myself.

What exactly were they setting up? Our camping buddies have a TT and they pretty much just chock, unhook, and level and they're done. Push a button and the awning comes takes them all of 5 minutes and they're sitting in their camp chairs enjoying a beer while I'm still pulling out bunk ends. I can't imagine someone having 30 minutes of set-up with a TT. Maybe they were new to it and didn't know how to level.


Aug 21, 2012
Appfan said:
If we're setting up for a weekend of camping, then I'd say it takes about 45 min to an hour to fully set up our site. That includes raising the camper, setting up our kitchen and getting our overall site ready to "live in" (chairs, awning, lights, etc.).

If I'm setting up in the driveway, 15-25 minutes.

I figured it would take a Mountaineer much longer. Being an Eagle myself, it takes about half that time. [;)]


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Jan 23, 2009
we now have a TT and we have never taken over 15 minutes and that was when we were unaccustomed to the setup most of the time now it is around 5 to 7 minutes depending on how level the site is and that includes the slides


Woodbridge, VA
Jun 19, 2008
King George, VA
Our PUC was on average about an hour give or take. The Van Camper that we have now...pull in to the site, drive until I find a level spot, set the E-Brake and put it in park. Put up the curtain over the cab and plug in. Oh, open beverage of choice and relax....most important step, and I almost forgot it...


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Aug 21, 2010
For me, it sometimes takes longer to back it in and level it than it does to complete the set up :). But, I'm getting much better at the backing up part...

Once it's backed in and level, about 30-45 minutes, including awning out, chairs out, outside stove/kitchen area set up, dinette table and the rest of the inside set up, and cold beverage in hand. Add another 10-15 minutes to bring in groceries and supplies, and I'm ready to go.