How long is your set-up time?


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Aug 14, 2012
We've only gone to the campsite twice with pup, so while DW distracts the boys, I am left to the setup. Not including backing in and leveling, if I don't have to put the stabs on wood blocks, then it takes about 30 minutes to get the roof up, stabs down, dinette and beds slide out and covered, and the door installed. I haven't used the awning yet.

In camp driveway, I can have all of this done in about 15 minutes after leveled.


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May 8, 2012
it takes me about 20 minutes to do the complete job of setting up the pup. setting up camp take another 20 minutes


Jun 27, 2010
It takes us about a half an hour or so. We don't take a lot of "stuff" so it doesn't take very long. I've done it in as little as 10-15 minutes on an overnighter...didn't even unhook from the TV and the site was level.


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Jul 22, 2012
We're still rookies! We've set up 3 times now at campgrounds and a couple times in the driveway. Takes about 30 min to park, level, stabilize, lift and extend the slideout and bunk ends. Maybe another 15 min to make the beds, finish the awning with lights and put together the ez up over the picnic table. Probably an hour or so max. All totally worth it. We figure the tent took us longer but wasn't anywhere near as comfie!


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Oct 16, 2011
I love my hardside pop-up. Once unhitched it takes 10 minutes to put down the stabilizers, put the top up, the sides in place and the bathroom assembled. Another 5 minutes for hook-ups, 10 for the awning, 10 minutes for my cook area. Total time 35 minutes until I can relax with a cocktail.


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Jan 24, 2011
Popup alone, about 10 minutes

Campsite - just under an hour.

Difference between the two - We always put up Awning, in bug season add screen room.
We do all our cooking outside and havea really nice kitchen centre we bought from costco, top holds coleman stove, 2 side shelves, and 2 canvas bags thang hang, and hold all dishes pots etc etc - I run my stove and bbq of a 20 lb propane tank with a propane tree attached.

Add camp chairs, getting firewood, etc - usually done in an hour - Last trip we were done in 52 minutes :)


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Jul 26, 2012
Shell Rock Landing, Hubert NC
Really, what difference does it make if you can bust your behind and do it in 22 minutes and 13 seconds or be leisurely about it and take 40 minutes. My FIL says he doesn't want a PUC cause it takes to much work. I ask him how much work does it take putting down a ground tarp, laying out the tent, threading the rods thru the sleeves, putting up the tent, fastening on the rain fly and pumping up the air mattresses all while on your 68 yr old Knees. Cranking up the top, setting the stablizers, pulling out the slide out and putting the door in place takes 25-30 minutes cause I am not in a race. 10 minutes to get shepards hooks in place and everything out of storage. so the answer is 40-45 minutes


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Mar 8, 2011
Less than two minutes!

1) Unhitch and remove chains (30 seconds)
2) Unlock camper roof (20 seconds)
3) Drop stabilizers (30 seconds)
4) Pop up roof (30 seconds)
5) Drop down step (3 seconds)
6) Flip kill switch on battery to on, turn on propane cylinder (5 seconds)



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Jul 14, 2006
Sudbury, Ontario
Takes upto about an hour or so if hustling to set up the campsite. Some of the more time consuming items include:

1) untie and remove the canoe and the bikes re-installing front wheels which must be removed to mount on the rack
2) Crank up the BAL Leveller
3) put out the rug, awning tie down and stake
4) hook up the tote to the drain
5) light the pilot on the refridgerator
6) String up the tacky lights
7) remove all the chairs, totes, and other items stored inside the camper
8) pull out, unpack and install the outside stove
9) drink beer.


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Sep 26, 2012
Hi all,

It's our first season and our 3 trips, we took between 1 and 2 hours.

We bought a popup because setting it up is part of the fun. We take our time and enjoy leveling the popup, unsnapping hinges, pulling out the beds, the sound of the scrunching velcro and the satisfying "bam!" of the top of the door perfectly snapping into the bottom part (ie: the popup is level!)!

Even in the rain or in full darkness, we are always happy to transform the trailer into our beloved wilderness castle!

Isn't it great?



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Feb 19, 2010
Central Wisconsin
br00n0 said:
setting it up is part of the fun. We take our time and enjoy leveling the popup, unsnapping hinges, pulling out the beds, the sound of the scrunching velcro and the satisfying "bam!" of the top of the door perfectly snapping into the bottom part (ie: the popup is level!)!

we are always happy to transform the trailer into our beloved wilderness castle!
Agreed 100%!

el oh el

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Oct 7, 2012
DW and I are on our first trip with our PUC. Setup took about 30 minutes to get the PUC positioned, secured and set up. However, it took a long time to figure out how to organize our stuff and get comfortable. Luckily our three kids were not with us last night but Grandma is on her way with them for tonight....DW and I are trying to enjoy our last few minutes of quiet time.
The floor plan of our Flagstaff has two tables (on next to each bed). This is nice for seating but doesn't allow for much movement. We ended up removing both tables for walkspace and will set them up as needed.


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
Set up for us also tends to take a bit more time when it is the first trip of the year or when schedule had kept up home, when we make changes in equipment, or when I go solo or take a fried. Solo takes longer just because I can't do the teamwork by myself, and with a friend instead of DH, I have to instruct as we go along.
I expect this week's trip to Grand Canyon to be an easier set up, we are not taking the table canopy or awning, and plan to do all cooking inside, so will not have that equipment to deal with for setting up. (While we prefer to cook outside, it will be dark and on the chilly side by supper time, one reason we got a pup was to have a haven to retreat to when it was cold. We may have rain too.)


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May 20, 2008
Seattle, Washington
Many of these comments have pointed out that the term "set up" needs to be defined carefully if accurate comparisons are to be made. If I am just talking about popping up the TrailManor's shells, connecting the door and popping up the wardrobe, bathroom and table inside, it is 8.5 minutes. But, I consider set up to be the process that starts as I begin to back into the site and ends when I am in my chair having a beer. That includes backing, leveling, popping up inside and out and then putting out all of the stuff I use when camping.

Outside, this is at least a chair and small table but could include the awning mat and sometimes the awning. Inside, it includes putting out the rack I use on the counter to increase storage space, the coffee pot and thermos, mugs and cups, dish and hand towels, hand soap, blankets on the bed (the sheets and one blanket stay on all of the time but the other blankets have to be folded and stored because I can't close the roof with them on the bed), the bins containing personal items and so on. It includes starting the fridge and water heater and it may also include hauling a few jerrycans of water to replenish the fresh water tank. When all of this is included set up is around 40 minutes.

It was over an hour when I had the Yuma. Of course, set up and tear down times aren't really that important when you are on an "out and back" trip where you go to a place, stay there for a period of time and then go home but they are very important on a long touring trip with dozens of set up/tear down cycles, some of which are just quick overnight stops while enroute to a place where you will stay for multiple days.

jack eusa

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Jul 2, 2012
I have only had my pup since Aug--having used it three times 2002 coachman clipper-- N2M-- and being 72 yrs old--it takes me 10 to 15 min> I quit hurrying years ago--lol


Jul 8, 2012
This is just the post I have been looking for. [}:)] I came to vent about my frustrations with how long it took me to set up my camper but after reading the post some are right in line with mine. When we first got the camper I could easily go from completely closed to fully up and out in about 15 min. and I thought oh wow, great, who needs a TT. Then we went on our first trip. Not one, two awnings, grey water for sink, grey water storage tank under camper had to lowered hooked up to shower, filled up toilet flush tank, hooked up fresh water, 30 amp power, gas on, lit hot water, not to mention leveling, disconnecting locking trailer, setting up inside, making beds, unloading bikes, unloading firewood, unpacking folding chairs and tables, putting out outside stove, etc. Like 3 hours later, I am thinking I have to do this in reverse order again in 3 days. And I did and it was cold and pouring down rain the camper and beds got soaked. It took a dehumidifier 2 days to pull all the moisture out of the camper.

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