how many you all have had a theft problem???


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Mar 29, 2013
i read all kinds of stories of i bring a gun, or i lock up this or that way. but who here has actually had robber trouble??? missing ice chest stove rv anything???? I haven't and i've mostly boondocked... so are we saying that our paid campground camping neighbors are the culprits or our neighbors arn't watching out because we're not asking them to watch out.... i'm going to a paid campground at a rally which is my first rally and feel safe but are paid campgrounds unsafe???? please answer thanks dave


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Jul 18, 2012
We've camped nearly 20 days this year and haven't had any problems at all. Now we're not leaving laptops or IPods around the campsite for the day either. We usually feel comfortable leaving a cooler, chairs, firewood, etc. outside. Anything of real value is either taken with us when leaving for the day or put inside the PUP.


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Jun 8, 2008
We had our first incident 2 weeks ago. My son was sleeping in a tent outside of the pup. He left his Van's tennis shoes outside of his door and they were gone in the morning.


16 weekends a year camping just isn't enough.
Jun 8, 2008
billangiep that was my first thought having had experience in the past with raccoons "borrowing items".


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Feb 28, 2013
Only lost one thing and I not sure if you can call it a theft. I sat the lodge skillet to the side to cool after breakfast. Packed up and after pulling down the road about 10 miles realized it was still at the site. I quick called and they went and checked and it was gone [:!]. So I guess someone figured finders keepers. I personally would have taken the pan to the office and turned it in, but that is me.
BUT on the other hand the next year at the same place I left my iphone out in the cup holder of my chair all day while we were out and no one touched it [:D].


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Aug 20, 2012
That coon that took them is probably be-popping around in front of his friends saying "Look at what I found!!".


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Aug 15, 2011
First time camping with our popup and we had our coolers stolen at night. We told the campground about it and they said they have problems with high schoolers parking on the side road, sneaking in and stealing coolers. I thought it would of been nice to have been told before it happened by the campground but now we put everything away to be sure. Of course since it was our first time out.... 2 new coolers $75 packed with steaks, brats, beer and soda. $100...... camping experience .... priceless.


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
In over 20 years of camping in "paid" campgrounds - mostly public rather than private ones (that is national forest, state and national parks versus KOA or other pvt. ones), we have not had a problem. If we're not in camp, we generally put the chairs under the end of the pup, with the tent we kept them in the vestibule, as much for rain as for less visibility. Our camp stove is usually under the picnic table, unless the location (i.e. bears) merits putting it away after every meal. Our cooler stays in the TV.
Kindles, iPad, cameras, etc. are in the TV unless we're in the campsite (though in some places I've been know to just tuck them away in the pup if we go for a short walk in the evening.

I am sure there are campgrounds that are more likely to have theft issues. The one we used for our church trip for several years had issues with local young people partying, but nothing was said about theft, and it seemed one season of locking the gate at 9 (the host was right next to it, so could open if needed) stopped the drinking problem. Friends were camped at Big Bend NP one time, and said they noticed some people canvasing the campground for easily stolen items. On occasion, I see references to car clouting in national parks, especially in parking lots or at trailheads, but then again, it isn't as if it is all fine at home either. (Another set of friends had a burglary last month.)
In the early '90s, the campsite next to us had a cooler stolen, then found in the dumpster, but it was a FCFS national park campground, and it seemed as though that was done to poach the site; the cooler was all they had bothered to set on the site after paying, they wanted to see the sights.


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Mar 7, 2012
The only issue we have EVER had was a State CG, on the beach, surrounded by the local town.

The local youngsters go thru the CG after midnight and take coolers w beer and food, and leave the coolers in the field!! [:O]

We got our coolers back, lost some beer and stuff.

So the take on that is too leave what you don't mind losing (minor stuff) outside in exchange for the room inside.

Now the 'coons' they only take food!!

Have not had a coon yet steal beer!

They have some morals [LOL]

But then again, they may have never tasted beer?


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Aug 27, 2010
Never had a problem, but work at a CG on the Beach and at times People walk/bike thru and take stuff, it's usually "in season" when everyone comes down [SUN]


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Feb 17, 2012
We had some fishing stuff stolen out of boat when we tent camped at a place once at a lakeside campsite about 10 years ago. He left the kids fishing poles though, just took my husbands. I saw "he" I know EXACTLY who did it. I saw him a few weeks later in a parking lot pulling handles on cars. We've never had a problem other than that, but don't take a lot to steal. If our cooler got swiped, hope they enjoy the heck out of the Capri Suns and Diet Coke!


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Aug 5, 2012
This has been on my mind also. I am afraid to leave our Yorkie in the PUP alone if we wanted to go out to eat some of the local restaurant food. Everyone tells me not to worry but.... Yorkie's are the #1 small breed stolen in the USA. Also he is very friendly and would not try to bark or make a fuss if someone were to enter the PUP.

Am I being too paranoid or should I be concerned? I would rather stay home with my little buddy and let the others go out than to loose him.


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Mar 7, 2012
Most of the problems in CG have been "Easy targets" things left laying around.
Cover them up, don't leave food out....
and most likely will never have a problem (assuming the future emulates the past).

Now as far as being armed...depends on where you are camping and what jurisdiction you are in.

Open road...desert, boondocking you should be aware.

In a campground...forget the firearm because too much innocence can get harmed, and you are probably in violation of something.


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Jan 27, 2013
We take reasonable precautions, and don't tempt fate. We don't take much with us that anyone would want to steal. We keep the cooler in the TV for other reasons, and fold down chairs etc when we venture out.

In the town I live in, thefts of beer from garage reefers is a big problem, so that issue is bigger than just campgrounds.

Many years of camping and never had a problem.


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Mar 11, 2010
Western NC
well my 1st major problem was on our last to the campground and it appears someone helped themselves to a 12 pack just sitting out in the back of my truck.


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Feb 18, 2008
in 67 years of camping, backpacking, boondocking and canoe camping, I've never had a problem. Let me take that back, I've had thefts [or attempts] from squirrels, chipmunks, coons, and wild ponies.


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Mar 29, 2013
thanks everyone! i feel better and safer and glad to know its just high school type stuff... dave


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Mar 28, 2011
I've been camping for 36 years. In tents and in popups. Mostly in Wisconsin state parks. But, I have been to private camp grounds. I have even camped at country music festivals. Never once have I had anything stolen. I don't leave anything of value out in the open. The Coleman camp stove and lantern sits out all the time. The coolers I usually keep under the bunk ends in the shade. At night they go into the TV because of the racoons. Maybe one reason nothing has been taken is because I am a social person and I usually get to know my neighbors.


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Jul 30, 2012
We leave stuff out (Coleman stoves, grills, chairs, hammocks, etc. - not electronics) & we have never had a problem. Our coolers are usually out under the bunk ends for the day and inside at night, as we have had some raccoon thefts too. Our dogs stay inside kennels in the camper when we leave to go into town, but if we're just roaming the campground they come with us & the site is unattended and door unlocked. (Door locks? Seriously? You can unvelcro and unzip - what's the point.)